Not a Fan of the Smartwatch? The INIE BELT Might Win You Over

You know what’s awesome? Belts! A belt makes it possible to keep your pants or whatever else in place. It’ also a fashion statement for many people, so it shouldn’t be an issue if belts transform into a fitness tracker similar to the watch.

Not everyone wants to wear a watch or even a band, so smartwatches and fitness bands won’t work for them. However, they would likely wear a belt, and that’s why we’ve decided to talk about a Kickstarter product known as the INIE BELT.

This product is designed to monitor the health of the wearer and to help with avoiding missed phone calls. Additionally, it’s ideal for those who tend to leave their smartphones in public areas. Basically, the INIE BELT is a smart belt, but not as bright as a smartwatch.

The INIE BELT has five key features

If health and fitness are important to you, then you’ll enjoy the Walking Tracker feature of this smart belt. It counts and records every step the user takes, and all statistics will show up on the smartphone app.

For those who want to make sure they do not sit idle for too long, the Idle Alert feature could be a wonder here. This belt will tell the wearer how long they have been sitting down, which is a sign to get up and stretch the legs for a bit.

Have you ever went to a restaurant where the food tastes like heaven? You’re sitting down, eating a tasty dish of Ackee and Saltfish with dumplings, boiled green bananas with boiled yam (it’s a Jamaican thing). During this time you’re playing with your phone, but after finishing your mean, you accidentally leave it on the table.

With the INIE BELT’s Phone Loss Notification feature, users will be alerted should they find themselves in this unfortunate situation.

Prone to missing phone calls? You’re not alone. With the Phone Call Alert feature, the smart belt aims to make missing important calls a thing of the past.

Every feature spoken of here needs to be active throughout the day, and that’s why this product comes with long battery life, well, at least that’s what the creators have said.

Additionally, the battery is rechargeable and can last up to 30-days on a single charge. Most importantly, the authors made it possible to replace the battery, but if everything goes well, it will take up to two years before the need arises.

“It just looks like a normal belt but more smart and fashion, it is designed to be worn for both causal and formal outfits. INIE Belt will be offered in variety styles to suit for both men and ladies,” according to the creators.

What is INIE BELT’s Kickstarter goal?

The guys behind this product are seeking a pledge of 80,000 HKD ($10,300). So far, there are 46 backers with 51 days to go.

A New Kickstarter Will Make Engraving Shops Obsolete

When I think of engraving, my mind goes to Fred Flintstone hammering away at a chisel on a slab of concrete. In today’s world, everyone uses one of two methods to engrave names and images onto their precious belongings: lasers or a tiny drill.

If you want anything engraved, such as a trophy or cutting board, you either need to spend a fair amount of money on a professional or be technically inclined to do it yourself. In a world of so many mass produced products, we love the idea of customizing our belongings to fit our style.

Thanks to a new kickstarter campaign by Muherz, a new tech company out of Taiwan, self-engraving is becoming both simple and advanced. Their new laser-focused engraver almost fits in your pocket and is a breeze to use.

Cubiio is making engraving a cake walk

Cubiio is a cube-shaped (like the name suggests) laser-guided engraving device that requires absolutely no skill to use. Basically, you take the device and place it on the provided tri-pod and aim it where you want your image to be burned on to: leather, wood, or even paper.

Shaky hands won’t be an issue with the Cubiio because you don’t actually do the drawing. Once you download the free app, they provide a number of free images or fonts to automatically draw your image onto the product. It even previews the image onto your object before you confirm.

The laser-engraving device comes with goggles, but is actually perfectly safe to use on food. This makes the product great for entrepreneurs in the food industry because now you can burn your logo or name onto your cookies, breads, or chocolate bars.

The cubed engraver is omnidirectional, automatic, and rechargeable through a USB cord. On their kickstarter page, they are incredibly fulsome and provide some great examples for engraving and cutting; if you can dream it, they can do it.

Times vary and in some cases you’ll need to walk away for awhile while the device works its magic. Times can range from 32 seconds to engrave a piece of chocolate to 20+ minutes to customize a skateboard or wooden panel.

When it comes to safety, Cubiio is just as worried as parents are and that’s why they require a password input before every single use. The device will engrave all types of different materials, but not metal because of the reflection and the facts that it would require a higher level of power.

Its success is obvious

The Cubiio laser-engraving system still has currently 21 days left in the campaign and a goal of $25,000. However, as of this writing, this little wonder has $1,300,000 worth of pledges. There is zero doubt that the 3,000+ backers see this devices potential.

The bad news is that if you want to get in on the future of home engraving, then you’re going to need to shell out $379 or more. Any less than that and all you’ll get is a keychain and a virtual high five. But the $379 is a considerable discount over the $449 retail price they are projecting.

On the otherhand, if you’re looking to Pony up some real cash then you can get a five pack of Cubiio’s for $2,299. They also come with 5 laser shields and 5 accessory packs that each include cords, goggles, and SD cards.

You can pledge (or just watch their progress) here.

A New Kickstarter Aims to Bring Us New Age Nostalgia

It is in our nature to take pictures of life as it happens because we love reflecting and reliving days passed through our photos. The first camera was invented in 1816 and it has gone some subtle and drastic changes over the last two centuries.

What has grown into a pre-installed app on our phones, once began as a pretty complex piece of hardware. The first partially successful photograph of a camera image was made by Nicéphore Niépce, using a very small camera of his own making and a piece of paper coated with silver chloride, which darkened where it was exposed to light.

Now, we simply just point and shoot our cameras (or phones) and we get a picture almost instantly. He have the option to preview and review photos without waiting for the film to be developed, but a lot of us miss the days of waiting to see how those pictures turned out.

Much like the return of vinyl records, physical photographs are making a comeback and a new company called Lomography has a kickstarter with a new vintage camera called the Lomo’Instant Square Camera.

The pocket camera has aged nicely

The pocket camera was invented in the late 1880’s and is best known for its role in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” as Eddie Valiant’s little spring-loaded assistant. It was the first versatile camera, because the lens was retractable, making the device capable of fitting in a large pocket.

Lomography is bringing this model of camera into the 21st century with their evolved version of the pocket camera that folds closed for more versatility. It utilizes old world technology paired with a few updated features like a LED exposure counter that tells you how many shots you have left.

The camera is of vintage design, but does not use film and instead adopts technology brought forth in the 1980’s by Polaroid. You load blank sheets and once you snap a picture, the sheets emerge in just a couple seconds as the image begins to appear; a new concept for millennials.

Some would worry about all the filters and lighting effects they are missing out on because of this analogue camera, but there are additional options thanks to light exposure and shutter speeds. The Lomo’Instant allows you to leave the shutter open for up to 30 seconds allowing more light in for special effects like illuminating shadows and echoing images.

Another great update is the Lomo’Instant’s selfie ability that actually outweighs that of your phone. The camera includes a remote control as well as a selfie timer so you have plenty of time to get the perfect shot of yourself even if you don’t have an assistant.

As far as quality goes, the Lomo is incredibly high-end thanks to the glass 95mm lens that makes for expertly sharp images. The bottom of the camera is even equipped with a mount for easy fixture to a tripod.

For those interested in backing this product, rest assured that this new camera is quickly on the rise. At the time of this writing, the camera has reached its goal of $100,000 which is up $35,000 from when I started this article.

The pledges range from $20 for a quaint stationary package to $1,400 for a camera and lens package. There are a total of 28 different levels to pay for with most of them being a substantial discount on the product.

The camera is due to release in February of 2018, but if you have a heavy wallet then you get yours a month early. You can contribute to this new camera here.

Luna is Sure to be a Household Name in the Near Future

One of the biggest challenges of working from home is getting that home office set up. Whether you have a mobile office consisting of a laptop on the couch or a professional grade system on a desk in the corner of a bedroom, you need your workspace.

With the advancements in technology, laptops have become just as powerful as some of the more high-end desktop computers; and just as pricey. One thing that all computers (despite their size) have in common is that they have only a single screen to work with.

The problem with only working on a single screen is that you have the arduous task of switching between multiple tabs back and forth as you work. So it’s either slide your mouse and manually switch and continuously hitting your alt+tab keys to the point where the ink is no longer visible.

A new kickstarter campaign will make acquiring a dual-screen home office as easy as dragging to your iPad. This new product is called Luna Display and is quickly gaining ground on the popular website centered around getting new innovations off the ground.

A home office in a small package

Luna Display works with a combination of a free app paired with a flash-drive type plugin that can be used with either USB port or your mac’s mini display port. After plugging in the Luna Display, all you do is open the app and off you go to dual screen functionality.

In addition to the drives connectivity option, you also have a choice between operating through wifi or you can use a cord to potentially work offline. The app and Luna Display works with all Apple devices such as external keyboards, Apple pencil, and touch interactions.

Luna Display is currently being developed by Astro HQ who is known for their successful Astropad; an award winning drawing program. The Luna Display is already on its way with 52 days to go in the campaign with over 4,000 backers and $340,000 pledged.

Some nice rewards for true believers

Though they have already reached over 1,000% of their $30,000 goal, the Luna Display still has many spots open for high-rolling backers. If you’re looking to pledge between a buck and $64, I’m afraid you are out of luck here but for one dollar they will keep you in the loop on their 2018 release.

If you pledge in the $65 and up range you’ll get a tasty little discount of 19% off the retail price once the little red miracle releases. Apple owners know that this could result in more money than you’re actually pledging because Apple products are notorious for being spendy.

Pledge in the triple digit range and you not only get the Luna Display (in either plugin you choose), but you also get a free year of Astropad. Do the math and you’ll realize that this is a savings of around 38% and perfect for all you digital artists out there.

Once over $100, the pledges become multi-packs in sets of 2, 5, and 10. However, $5,000 will give the title of VIP where you get 10 Luna Dispalys (yes, you can mix and match) and get a dinner meeting with the team in Minneapolis or San Francisco. Only one is available, but that could soon change with their gaining notoriety.

The Luna Display is set to release in May of 2018 and you can get in on this amazing new product here.

AirDog Makes Last Call for ADII Drone Model

In the past few weeks, we’ve seen a lot of what AirDog’s ADII drone has to offer. With specs like an upgraded AirLeash, customizable flight paths, an enhanced gimbal system and more, the second-gen extreme sports drone has really made a splash among enthusiasts. Now as the Kickstarter campaign is near the end, it’s essentially last call for anyone who wants in on this deal before its gone.

The campaign’s impact so far

AirDog was very dedicated to using the same medium for the newer model as they did when they launched the original AirDog 1, mostly in order to cater to their original backers and supporters as a way of showing their own dedication and loyalty. As the campaign has gone on over the past few weeks, the ADII has raised over $236,000 – that’s 94% to goal! Considering the packages AirDog is offering to contributors (which are honestly quite a steal), these last few days could very well see the campaign meet its goal just in time.

When the Kickstarter campaign launched, AirDog’s support from the sports enthusiasts that helped them launch their original drone came out in droves to check out the ADII. Only a few days into the campaign, the company had already hit the $55,000 mark. As time has gone on, we saw a few big bumps in contributions throughout the life of the campaign as well. That being said, we have complete confidence in AirDog meeting their goal of $250,000 in the next few days.

Rewards for supporters of the ADII

When supporters pledge an amount to the campaign, they can choose between the different reward packages AirDog has put together. A lot of the packages are already unavailable due to contributors claiming them (there’s a limit people – if you snooze, you lose), but there are still some awesome rewards left to claim.

Most of the reward packages include one or two ADII models, depending on how much you pledge to the campaign. The lowest one available is the $1,099 Friends and Family package, and pledge amounts can go all the way up to the $4,750 Partners Set package that includes 5 ADII models. When you consider the model costs $1,500 retail, these are really great deals for anyone who wants to own “the drone designed with extreme sports in mind,” according to The rewards are expected to begin shipping this month through the beginning of the holiday season.

As of yesterday, you can also refer a friend to the campaign and get the ADII for only $950. For those who want to pledge their support, but cannot give $1,099 or above, you can also make a pledge without a reward by donating any desired amount to the campaign.

Why contribute to this campaign?

AirDog has spent a lot of time and energy perfecting what they had already accomplished – a drone made specifically for extreme sports enthusiasts that allows them to participate in their favorite activities while utilizing technology to enhance their experience. The ADII, unlike the AirDog 1, is a completely hands-free device that enables any athlete to enjoy what they’re doing, and also capture every move using the latest in drone innovation.

By contributing to the Kickstarter campaign, you are not only able to help bring this project to life, but you are also a part of a passion that has been in the making for years. This drone is revolutionary in its design and capabilities. It has the potential to be the new face of extreme sports. We’ve already seen the impact with the AirDog 1, but the ADII definitely brings more to the table. The days to contribute are coming to a close, then you’ll have to get in line behind everyone else. Check out the campaign and get your new drone now.

Successful Drone Maker Looks to Launch the Next Level of Drone Innovation

In the past few years, drones have become a phenomenon. Many have used them for leisure just as much as they have used them for work. We’ve made quite a few discoveries using drones, and they’ve changed our overall outlook on life in many ways, but they’re not just for exploring cityscapes and going on virtual tours anymore.

As we approach a new frontier with how we use drones, one company is looking to take the lead in a particular niche – extreme sports. Airdog, who has already seen success with one autonomous action sports drone, is about to unleash their next device that is going to take all of the awesome things they’ve learned from their first model and turn it up a few notches.

Who is Airdog?

When it comes to sports, there isn’t a single person dedicated to their skill that wouldn’t want to get it on film. Airdog saw this as an opportunity to cater to a consumer that had a need no one else could meet. Prior to the company’s first drone model, there was no option for athletes that had a desire to enhance their experience with an autonomous hands-free device.

Edgars Rozentals, one of Airdog’s founders, was an avid kite surfer and skateboarder who was captivated by unmanned systems, how they worked, and how they’re controlled. With the help of a friend who was also into extreme sports, the idea of developing a drone that could follow an athlete around and recorded their adventure was implanted and Airdog was born.

After starting Airdog, Edgars recruited a team of people whose passions vary, yet have one very common goal – capturing moments that an individual would’ve never been able to see without this type of device. Through research, development, and innovation, the Airdog team has already created a revolutionary gadget that pushes the boundaries. As if that weren’t enough, they’re about to do it all over again.

The New Drone Model

After the company’s first drone, the Airdog I, launched, the feedback from consumers and sports enthusiasts around the world was astonishing. By offering the athlete a fully autonomous drone that could take off and land on its own, as well as features like sport-specific flight modes and the AirLeash, a waterproof device that allows the individual full control of the drone, the Airdog team was successful in overcoming the challenge of creating a gadget to meet such a specific need.

With the new model, the ADII, it seems the team has outdone themselves. “When people see what the product is capable of, they are truly amazed,” Airdog co-founder Agris Kipurs told Sanvada. The device takes everything that the team learned from the original and enhances the features that set it apart from all the others. The ADII broadens the company’s consumer base by offering more advanced features than its predecessor and being able to go to areas with more obstacles and rougher terrain. Argis says the new model is simply able to get the job done better than the original. 

Through improved GPS tracking and options like “At Home Return,” customization of your route and access to the device are also much simpler than before. Through these enhanced features, The ADII works in a way that is more inclusive as well. The newer model doesn’t need to be operated manually, which means everyone involved gets to be included in all the fun.

“Flight performance and versatility is what puts ADII in a class of its own,” says Edgars. With five different preset scenic capture modes, synchronization of flight and camera movement for more stability, and integration with the GoPro 5 camera system, the ADII proves itself to be not just more advanced, but also more user-friendly than the Airdog I.

The Kickstarter Campaign

Airdog has chosen to launch a Kickstarter campaign for a multitude of reasons. When I asked Agris why the company had decided on this particular crowdfunding site, he gave me a few answers, but it all came down to loyalty.

Other than reaching their goal and gaining exposure for the new model, Airdog is also looking forward to giving back to the early Kickstarter community that gave the company its initial success with the original Airdog action sports drone. 

During the first Kickstarter campaign, Airdog received such an outpour of support from the community on the crowdfunding site that it only made sense to go back to their roots this time around.

While there is already so much anticipation regarding the next campaign’s launch, Argis reminds us that it’s not all about the technology of the device itself. “The new model has been built with the consumer in mind. Its versatility and ease-of-use is perfect for land, air and water,” he says. “But it’s not about flying a drone, it’s about enjoying yourself out there [with outdoor sports].”

Airdog’s highly anticipated autonomous camera drone, the ADII, is available now exclusively on Kickstarter with complete production units available for discounted purchase and August delivery. 

AirDog ADII Kickstarter

This Toothbrush Will Brush Your Teeth in 10 Seconds

Brushing our teeth takes up to two minutes, more if you’re obsessed with bacteria. However, there’s a new technology that makes it possible for us humans to brush for up to seconds, and it’s all automatic.

It’s a new Kickstarter project known as the Amabrush. It’s a toothbrush really, but the entire thing is shaped like a mouth guard, and it brushes your teeth in just 10 seconds. It comes with a removable handle that stores the toothpaste, dispenses the toothpaste, and vibrates the brush in your mouth.

The removable handle comes with proprietary toothpaste capsules that might cause for issues down the line.

Strangely enough, there’s no smartphone app

Usually, when startup companies on Kickstarter have created something worthwhile, they tend to have an unwanted app on the side for the sake of doing things no one wants.

These guys could have created an app that pings your loved ones and friends every time you brush your teeth, but they didn’t, and that’s a smart move. Not everything needs to be connected, especially when the product is designed for hygiene purposes.

You’ll need special toothpaste

Interestingly enough, the Amabrush requires the use of special toothpaste. Consumers have an obligation to purchase toothpaste capsules from the company in order to get their teeth cleaned. Due to the design of the capsule, “the toothpaste is specially formulated as it needs to be more liquid than regular ones,” according to the Kickstarter description.

It simply means it’s not possible to purchase your favorite toothpaste to use with this product. However, the startup company wants to make it clear that a single capsule costs $3, and will last for over a month. Furthermore, the company making the toothpaste has over 100-years of experience.

“The toothpaste is formulated and produced by a major toothpaste manufacturer with a history of over 100 years,” according to the Kickstarter page. “This manufacturer fulfills the quality norm DIN EN ISO 13485 and the requirements of IFS Household and Personal Care Products, and was one of the first manufacturers in Europe retrieving the IFS-HPC certificate.”

How long does the battery last?

The creators are saying one month, but good thing it’s rechargeable. Additionally, it’s possible to use a Qi wireless charger to deliver juice to your smart toothbrush.

In terms of sharing Amabrush with others, it’s recommended. One would only need a single handle, but each party must have their own mouthpiece. Come on, who wants to stuff a used mouthpiece in their mouth.

Antibacterial material

One of the most important aspects of the Amabrush is the material of the mouthpiece. It blocks bacteria, something missing from most regular toothbrushes on the market. The creators claim it kills 99.99 percent of all bacteria, and soft enough to prevent damages to the gum.

Cleaning is easy as well. Just put it under the pipe and wash away all the nasties. That’s it.

Overall, the Amabrush is an impressive product that will cost consumers around $113. The only downside is the inability to use any toothpaste, and that could be the product’s Achilles heel going forward.

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Smart Locks and Smart Doorbells: Kickstarter Projects Target Safer Homes

Many of us are in the habit of going back and checking if we really locked the door before going out somewhere, and we do it as much for peace of mind as for security. With devices like smart locks, those occasions when we end up fretting because we forgot to check will be a thing of the past.

Two current Kickstarter projects are aiming to provide more secure homes using smart devices and the Internet of Things: the Teodoor Smart Lock is two thirds of the way towards its $90,000 target with a month still to go, and VEIU, “the world’s smartest doorbell”, has already smashed its $30,000 target.

The last of the smart locks?

Smart locks are around already, of course, and the people at Teodoor are trying a marketing angle of their device being, “your personal doorman”, which is probably not the most appealing aspect for many people.

Most of us probably never said, “yeah, we’d love a doorman for the family home, but we just can’t afford it right now.”

However, a point made in the project’s video is valid: when your hands are full and/or you’re not sure where your key is, it would be nice to have the door opened automatically for you. Teodoor, which is Bluetooth operated, does just that.

It’s claimed Teodoor will be, “the last smart lock you will ever have to buy”, and there are several advantages beyond the personal doorman angle.

Smart locks provide peace of mind as well as convenience

Teodoor works alongside existing locks. Source: Teodoor/Kickstarter

Doors are locked automatically by Teodoor, and for those of us who are so close to a diagnosable disorder when it comes to locking doors that we trust neither our own brains nor sophisticated smart locks, we can check in on Teodoor’s app for any activity with the door by using ‘Vacation Mode.’

Teodoor’s Kickstarter literature explains that:

“Teodoor senses any door movement when it’s locked and should be secure. You’ll receive a notification anywhere in the world (with the optional Wi-Fi adapter) if anyone tries to force your door open. And when it’s set to Vacation Mode, you’re notified of any activity whatsoever.”

The app, which will be available for free on the App Store and Google Play Store, “allows you to give others access rights quickly and easily (regular or restricted access, you decide).”

We are also told that, “The detailed scheduled access functions can be applied in a variety of situations: daily nanny, weekly cleaner, one-time visits and more.”

The device works in conjunction with a wide range of existing locks in Europe and North America. If we lost our smartphone or its battery died, the door can still be operated with a key in the traditional manner.

How secure is the security?

In terms of security, we are told Teodoor will have the, “latest military grade encryption technologies which are also commonly used in online banking transactions.”

There is also no, “central based storage system (the shared encryption key never hits our servers), so even we (or malicious hackers) cannot unlock your door. Only Teodoor and your phone app have access to your lock.”

See who’s on your doorstep from anywhere in the world

Also currently doing very well on Kickstarter is VEIU, “the world’s smartest video doorbell”.

Developed by Eques, the smart doorbell allows you to see and communicate with whoever is at your home’s door, wherever you are in the world.

Users will be notified when there’s someone at their door, through the use of motion sensors, at which point the user can choose to have a conversation with that person – via their smartphone and the app at one end, and the doorbell’s microphone at the other.

If they think the person is suspicious, they can use an image or video taken by VEIU to refer to the relevant authorities.

Another appealing option, demonstrated in the Kickstarter video, is to remotely shout “Hey, what do you think you’re doing?!” at a potential intruder and make them run away.

The app, which notifies users of low battery, will be free from App Store or the Google Play Store, and the only expense will be the initial hardware.

A further advantage of VEIU is the ability to chat with delivery people, to rearrange delivery or ask them to leave the package on the porch instead of under that soggy bush they had their eye on.

Peace of mind regarding the security of our homes is probably one of the most universal benefits the Internet of Things can bring us, and the popularity of these Kickstarter projects is a testament to that.

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Mariener Sunglasses: Stirring up the Matte Reflective Lens Industries

Behind every invention, there is a story. Ours is inspired by value for money. Pushed by the lack of affordable alternative eyewear, Marien Klootwijk, the driving force behind the Melange Mariener sunglasses series, had his work cut out.

Grabbing the bull by the horns, he is on a war path to revolutionize the eyewear industry that would see consumers bagging the spoils of the war. The technology in question is the Matte Reflective Lens Technology. Promising to offer groundbreaking technology in the eyewear industry at an unassailable price tag!

Product Outline

  • Robust yet featherweight: indentations around the nose ridges are ugly. You can rest easy as the Mariener sunglasses weigh a paltry 0.6oz. You stand a snowball’s chance in hell in developing such indentations with Mariener.
  • Built to last: being lightweight doesn’t come at the cost of durability. Of what value are a pair of sunglasses if it can’t withstand the sun rays? Mariener sunglasses ditches the conventional polycarbonate frames that tend to become brittle over time when exposed to the sun rays, for the advance thermoplastic frame technology. Exhibiting unprecedented flexibility and durability for sunglasses of its price range.
  • The epitome of versatility: the advance thermoplastic frame allows for great flexibility by the sunglasses to mold around the size and shape of your head irrespective of gender.
  • Spoilt for choices: the lens frames, as well as the lens tints, come in a variety of colors to match your taste. With the inventor promising more color shades through their yet to be launched reward scheme.

Salient Features of the Melange Mariener Sunglasses

Going against the society fabric of expectation that “cheap is expensive,” Mariener sunglasses gives you a lot more than what you could bargain for. More so in a sunglass that is projected to cost $31 and $101 for regular and custom-designed sunglasses respectively. The high-tech lens technology is the jewel in the Mariener’s sunglasses crown.

It boasts of UV 400 protection. That simply means that you will be protected against the potential harmful sun rays that may cause visual damages. Backed by the hydro lens technology, you can rest easy basking in the sun without fear of dirt or water interfering with its performance. The lens features a matte reflective property that comes in a variety of tints which are scratch proof.

Grey Areas That Need Some Tweaking

I have no qualms with the hardware. It punches above its weight guided by the projected price tag. However, I am little perturbed by the shipping cost that is almost rivaling the early bird pledge. 19 Euros ($20) for the pledge being shipped at the cost of 15 Euros ($16). The math doesn’t add up.

Nevertheless, the creators of Mariener suggest a joint pledge with friends and family members would go a long way in cutting the shipping cost. Failure to explicitly outline their production timelines is another area of concern that ought to be addressed.

Stand Up and Be Counted

In Matte Reflective Lens Technology, Mariener is tearing down the last bastion of the giant eyewear manufacturers. The end is neigh. June 2017 is the projected date of delivery of the finished article.

For a very long period of time, the big boys in the reflective sunglass industry have conspired in the prices of reflective lenses to make it a preservative of the minority.

Having successfully pitched camp in the Netherlands, the Mariener aspires to share their flagship brand pride and success across the globe. I couldn’t capture it better than Helen Keller, when she said“Alone, we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

You are therefore called upon to be inscribed in the annals of history as one who stood up against the inflated prices that mirror the eyewear industries. Rip the dividend of being a benefactor of Mariener sunglasses by exploring their reward system at their Kickstarter landing page.

Live the dream of possessing a matte reflective, hydrophobic and scratch resistance sunglasses without paying through your nose by pledging your support for Mariener at Kickstarter crowdfunding platform.

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Spiderman Journal Entry #1: A Secret Look Into the Daily Life of Peter Parker

Oh, man, I’m Dead! I am so Dead! Mr. Jameson is actually going to kill me this time!

Two weeks now. For the last two weeks, he’s been yelling at me to get some new pictures of Spiderman. I took seven pictures of myself as Spidey last week from different angles. There was one of me swinging through the air. Another one of me rescuing a cat from a tree (what? that actually does happen. I don’t get to pick who needs my help). And five other pictures, all great resolution, great lighting and great angles.


Okay, Maybe they Weren’t all Great

And you know what J.J. does? He rejects all of them. He says he’s already got enough pictures of Spiderman doing his usual thing. Says the public is bored of the same old kinds of photographs.

Well, sorry, J.J. Sorry I haven’t had time to up my look and keep things interesting for your readers while I try to SAVE THE WHOLE CITY! Last month I had a run in with the Sandman, and the only thing I was thinking about while trying to dodge mountains of killer sand was “Gee, I wonder how I can make this fight visually interesting for readers of the Daily Bugle?”


How Interesting Can Sand Look, Anyway?

This whole week I’ve been so busy with school I haven’t had time to hunt for any new Spiderman shots. Today is the last day of the deadline J.J set for me, and I still have no pictures of Spiderman that he’d like. I have to come up with something new for J.J. in the next few hours, or I’m fired.

I’m heading right now to the dockyard downtown. I’ve heard on the police radio that Rhino is busting through cargo boxes screaming something about a smuggled bag of diamonds. Or was it a smuggled bag of almonds? Either way, he was screaming about something.

A couple of juicy shots of Spiderman engaged in pitched battle with Rhino ought to keep J.J happy. At least, as happy as he’s capable of being. Even if I manage to get a close-up shot of Spidey punching Rhino right in the kisser, Jonah will probably start complaining that I always bring him photos of Spiderman wearing the same clothes. He’d actually complained to me once that the fact that Spiderman always wears the exact same outfit makes ninety percent of my photos unusable.

The funny thing is, Mary Jane’s been complaining about my fashion sense, too. Only she was telling me that Peter Parker needs to dress better, not Spiderman. That’s why she’s taking me shopping today for some new clothes and shoes. Provided I can wrap up this business with Rhino first, get some good pictures of the fight, head over to the Bugle to deliver them to J.J. and save my job. Three dates in one day, and the first of them with a guy who wants to decorate the streets of Queens with my insides.

If I had a Nickel for Every Villain who Wants to do That, I’d have like 20 Bucks

I try to tell MJ that Peter Parker can’t afford to dress too nice. Considering the number of times in a day I have to duck out of a room to change into Spiderman, the more inconspicuous my look is, the better.

And Spiderman? Look, I wish I could be like Tony Stark. Not only is the Iron Man suit the coolest armor in the world, but Mr. Stark is always dressed like he’s going to a Hollywood cocktail party in his regular life too. Thor’s got those dopey wing things in his helmet, but he’s also built like a WWE wrestler, so people only ever notice his arms. Hulk’s got a pretty terrible fashion sense, with those ripped purple pants he’s always wearing. But who’s going to tell Hulk he needs to change his look? Not even Deadpool would be that dumb.

And he’s Really Dumb

I designed my costume to be practical, not stylish. Low wind resistance. Bright colors that pop at night and usually send two-bit thugs scurrying away without even trying to put up a fight. Do I wish I could wear something cooler? Of course. I’d love to wear the kind of clothes Flash is always wearing. Johnny Storm always manages to look sharp both as himself and as the human torch. I could ask him for tips.

In fact, I was just reading about a Kickstarter campaign created by an apparel and footwear company. They’d created really awesome looking customer shirts and footwear that’s been designed by NYC artists. And you know what’s really cool? They even have custom Spiderman sneakers designs based on me. I wish I could’ve gotten in touch with them to ask them to put one up of me fighting against Venom and Carnage. That would look really cool on a shirt.

Anyway, I wish I could wear that stuff as Spiderman. Something cool and artistic. And the campaign says it’ll donate part of the proceedings to support art education, so that’s pretty cool too…

You know what, I think I’m gonna wear them! Maybe not a Spiderman T-shirt. That’ll mess with my movements, but I can wear the custom Spiderman shoes. Yeah, that’s right, Spiderman can be cool too! J.J. will finally be happy to get photos of Spiderman with a new look. Mary Jane will love the fact that I’m wearing something new and stylish. Man, now I can’t wait to get back home and place the order on Kickstarter.

And Maybe Start a Campaign for New Web shooters!

But all that will have to wait. I’ve reached the dockyard, and I can see Rhino tearing through a ship’s mast right in front of me. And he is… holding a giant bag of almonds. Weird. Guess ordering the sneakers will have to wait. Because this is where the ‘Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman’ gets to earn his title by lending the police a hand!


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