Create Your Own Healthy Mineral Water with Mitte

Ever wanted to create your own mineral water? Well, now it’s possible with Mitte, the first smart home water system in history. Apparently, it’s capable of purifying and enhancing water through a process similar to the natural water cycle.

The product uses a proprietary distillation-based method that purifies the water. Furthermore, Mitte goes all in by adding essential minerals for a more healthy drink. It sounds like a great idea, and thanks to Kickstarter, the world might get its first chance to use a smart home water system by December.


Source: Mitte

How does Mitte work?

Purifying water with Mitte is not as straightforward as you might think. One doesn’t just throw water into the machine to get healthy water. You see natural water comes with several minerals, but usually, these minerals are removed during the purifying process.

To combat this problem, Mitte relies on “mineral cartridges” to replicate nature’s process of mineralizing water. In nature, we know that water picks up all the essential minerals while passing through rocks, but that’s not possible with this machine.

The mineral cartridges contain all that was removed, and as such, is designed to add them back to the water while Mitte is doing its thing. Users can choose from three cartridges; Mitte Balance, Mitte Vitality, and Mitte Alkaline.

If you’re up for the Balance, then expect something along the lines of regular bottled water, but with calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Furthermore, it shouldn’t taste any different, so that’s great for most people.

Source: Mitte

For those who prefer Vitality, well, it has Iron, Zinc, and Selenium, along with the other minerals available in Balance. This particular water is more for boosting mental and physical performance, according to the creators of the water machine.

As for Alkaline, well, it brings to the table everything as the others, with the uniqueness of being rich in antioxidants.

We should point out that each cartridge can produce up to 400 liters of water, which is enough to last three months for a family of four people.

Source: Mitte

There’s an app

“The Mitte app allows you to monitor current cartridge usage and set up (optional) demand-driven automatic ordering of new mineral cartridges,” according to the developers. “We will only send you a new cartridge when your current one is running low.”

Features of the app

  • Dispense water with specific water temperature and amount
  • Get real-time information on water quality and machine usage
  • Monitor mineral cartridge levels and manage cartridge ordering
  • and much more…

Technology is indeed improving the future due to the creation of the Mitte and other exciting products. At the moment, the campaign has surpassed its goal of €75,000 with 22 days to go.

Mini-O Bluetooth Speaker Proves Sizes Doesn’t Matter

Over the years we’ve seen several small Bluetooth speakers that promise portability, great battery life, and most importantly, an impressive sound for the size. Let’s face it, most of the time these products tend to under-deliver, but the latest portable Bluetooth speaker known as Mini-O is hoping to do the opposite.

Surprisingly enough, the Mini-O speaker is quite small. In fact, it’s one of the smallest we’ve seen. The creators say the product was designed with Flat Magnetic Speaker Technology, which is one of the reasons why the device is pocketable.

The creators went on to add that the Mini-O comes with crystal clear sound that cannot be found on any other Bluetooth speaker of similar size. But that’s not all; apparently, the sound given off by this speaker is capable of competing with speakers three times its size.

Source: Mini-O

Let’s talk more about the hardware

This is a speaker that weighs around 72 grams, which is just a bit larger than a credit card. Because of the size, the device can be easily placed in a pocket so the user can play their favorite tracks at anywhere and at any time.

As for the sound quality, this tiny speaker delivers 6 Watts of stereo power. Now then, if you’re looking to gain more from Mini-O, it’s recommended to have two of these products for a combined 12 Watts of output.

For the dual-speaker connection feature to work, the makers of the device took advantage of True Wireless Stereo Technology (TWS). The tech makes it possible for users to connect two Mini-O’s via Bluetooth, and from there, the speakers are expected to deliver impressive surround sound.

Looking at the Mini-O at its portability nature, wouldn’t make sense if it could stand instead of just lying down? The designers felt the same way, which is why it comes with a stand. Venture off to your favorite spot with friends and prop up to of these speakers on the spot. What’s that? A party.

The only downside to this sleek little speaker is the fact that it supports Bluetooth 4.2 instead of Bluetooth 5.0. It’s not future-proof, but we have utmost confidence a version with the latest Bluetooth technology will eventually hit store shelves.

Source: Mini-O

When is Mini-O coming to market?

At the moment, the product is going through its Kickstarter campaign. It has so far achieved more than the $10,000 required with over 100 backers and 22 days to go.

The plan is to mass produce the speaker in November of 2017, then in December, backers will be among the first to get firsthand experience of what Mini-O is truly capable of. Going by this timeline, it’s safe to say the speaker won’t go on sale for everyone until 2018.

Bear in mind, if you pledge $55 or more, you’ll get two Mini-O’s, two micro-USB charging cables, and a single year of warranty.

Create Yogurt Automatically for the First Time With Yomee

It goes without saying that yogurt is delicious and healthy at the same time. However, not all yogurts found at the store are healthy, and some of them are quite expensive, even more so than ice cream.

But what if we could create our own yogurt without going through all the hassle that comes with doing so, wouldn’t that be awesome? We agree, hence the reason we’re going to talk about Lecker Labs new product, Yomee.

Source: Yomee

The first automatic yogurt maker?

The team is describing this device as the world’s first yogurt maker that does the job automatically. After adding the ingredients, Yomee goes to work, and within six hours, users will have fresh yogurt at their fingertips.

The whole thing sounds quite impressive, so it should work wonders for those who enjoy eating yogurt on a regular basis. It should be noted that this product doesn’t only work with proper cows milk, but also with soy milk if you’re vegan or lactose intolerant.

“Sky’s the limit when it comes to the different ways people around the world enjoy eating yogurt: ideal for breakfast, as a midday snack, inside your dinner salad dressing—let your imagination run wild!

However you eat yours, our Yomee double-wall insulated cup will keep your yogurt fresh and make eating on the go fun. Better yet, our cup comes with an innovative travel lid—letting you store your favorite toppings separate until you’re ready to mix and eat.”

OK then, how does the Yomee work?

The device has a Keurig-like design and is capable of holding a glass of yogurt. To begin the process, add the milk, then drop in the Yomee Pod. The device then boils and stirs the milk for 15 minutes, then after that, the product cools the liquid down to 115°F or 46°C.

After dealing with the milk, Yomee releases the culture-filled pod into the mixture and begins another round of stirring. During this time, the live cultures take its time to transform the milk into yogurt.

Once everything is done, the device then cools the yogurt down to 50°F or 10°C, making it fresh and ready to eat. Now, the creators say the yogurt is ready to eat in just six hours, but for those who might want to wait a while, it can hold up well for another 48 hours.

Like every modern piece of gadget these days, there’s a companion app to make for a more seamless experience.

As time goes by, the creators are hoping to sell the Yomee pods for $10. Each pack will hold 10 pods, which is around 20 servings. Additionally, if things go well, the company aims to have a subscription service where users pay a monthly fee for cheaper pods.

Yomee is now on Kickstarter with only 24 days to go.

Tangram: The Smart Rope That Will Make You A Cardio Freak!

Far beyond than only a cycle of Internet and modernization overall, I would dare to baptize the XXI century as the fitness one over the human civilization timeline. Unavoidably, surfing the fitness wave, an avalanche of smart devices that cover from bikes to smart ropes, are appearing to help us with not only a beneficial body condition, but mental and spiritual wellness too.

No matter whether you’re in shape or not, there’s a reality that has to do with the fact that life’s better when you’re healthy. However, while our sportive gadgets evolve for better, their prices increase almost simultaneously to ridiculous, long figures, making it somehow exclusive for some to accede to.

So what are the chances of taking advantage of futurism while trying not to fall in bankrupt in such a costly tech environment nowadays? The only thing that has no repair is death, so here goes a less-than-$100 solution: a smart rope.


smart rope


Tangram: the spark of a low cost smart rope!

As many of today’s gadgets and inventions, the smart rope from Tangram Factory has had a successful kickstarter campaign, won different design awards from important expert organizations like Red Dot Design to name just one — and it makes sense, because they took jumping rope to a whole new level for the very first time in the modern history.

In a nutshell, the very first appealing characteristic of this smart rope is that she does the maths for you, using a LED-embedded system that displays it in mid-air, as you work out. In fact, you can check whatever fitness data you’re interested in, which means calories burned, interval training data, double unders, among other relevant information… Call it magic!

So instead of a boring screen, much like a virtual reality film, the LEDs fire at different times as the rmart rope rotates around you, creating a bubble with a single display included that float in mid-air.

Will technology ever be completely accessible?

So far, all it’s lights and fun. Mostly because the price of the expensive rope does not exceed the $80 yet, and you can already buy one here. Nevertheless, it seems that, just as in the arts and the sciences, technology has a huge problem related to the accessibility.

smart rope


In fact, though it’s possible to use the smart rope as a stand-alone device that counts the jumps, the robust functionality offered by the Smart Gym, the mobile app platform, seems to be fundamental to the smart rope experience, which means you’ll need a smartphone to take the most of the futuristic gadget, but that it isn’t actually that cheap and useful if you don’t have a phone in other words.

I know almost everybody has a smartphone those days, but it’s still remarkable how, sadly, technology is not something for all yet. I highlighted that fact this time with a smart, low-cost sportive device, but it becomes in something to worry a little bit more when it’s about the access to medical or environment-saving appliances… Will technology ever be completely accessible?

Source: postureperfectfitness

In any case, this minimalist gadget is still a very great chance to invest in health for a low price, and it has a wide variety of hidden features that I don’t want to spoil you, like the battery system that offers 45 hours of use in exchange of only 2 hours charging. Are you in for discovering the smart way of doing cardio? Do you know more accessible, low-cost devices that are worth to invest in? Let the whole tech community know in the comment box below.

The Flying Martha Toy is Basic Technology Design Done Wisely

With technology improving every day, who would have thought that a company would go ahead and create a wind-up toy. To some, going this route would make little sense since children are more into smartphones, tablets, drones, and just anything that is heavily technologized.

But that wasn’t enough to stop the folks at Haptic Lab from designing an exciting toy known as the Flying Martha Ornithopter. The device is a mechanical toy that is made to fly like a real bird. The entire thing is primarily powered by a single rubber band, and despite that, it works wonderfully from our point of view.

How does the Flying Martha Ornithopter work?

The toy bird is similar to a regular paper airplane, remember those? To fly it, just throw it into the wind and watch the magic. The interesting thing about the Flying Martha is the fact that while it’s airborne, the wings are flapping like a real bird.

You see, the flapping wings, just like a living bird, gives the Flying Martha the lift it needs to stay in the air. Now then, seeing as the toy is handmade, the creators have said this makes it possible for users to customize how it flies. Haptic Lab also went on to add that the toy encourages problem solving and physical play.

In an age where technology has become the center of our lives, it’s great to see a toy encourages children to be active.

What are the materials used to create the Flying Martha?

All materials for the product can probably be found in a hardware store down south, but that doesn’t mean anyone can create it themselves. According to the Kickstarter page, the materials consist of bamboo, paper, a few wires, and a single rubber band.

“True to life, the wingspan of the Flying Martha is 16 inches. Each bird currently weighs just 12.5 grams, about as much as a single AAA battery; by comparison, a similarly-sized plastic ornithopter weighs over 19g. Pending funding, we plan on shaving off an additional few tenths of an ounce with custom rubber bands.”

When it comes down to creating the toy, we understand this will be done by hand, which is excellent. However, if Haptic Labs gain a lot of followers, the company could have issues with keeping up with demand. Nonetheless, nothing beats a human touch, so we’re all for the Flying Martha Ornithopter being created by hand.

Remember the passenger pigeon?

The design of the Flying Martha is based on an extinct bird known as the passenger pigeon. There were over 3.5 billion of these creatures at one point, but humanity hunted them to extinction. The last known passenger pigeon was named Martha, and she died in captivity in 1914.

As a species, we are very dangerous to animals and ourselves.

Flying Martha Ornithopter is now on Kickstarter where it has surpassed its goal of $30,000. There’s still 14 days to go, so folks who are interested in honoring the passenger pigeon can go ahead and pledge.

This Low-Cost Smart Toaster is Another Reason to Look Forward to Breakfast

When they said breakfast is the most important meal of the day, no one thought someone would take it so serious that would create a game changer smart toaster. In fact, who said toasters should only roast or brown our breads? Let me introduce you to a kickstarter project like no other before; one that aims to shake the breakfast traditions up. It’s never been so fun, useful, cheap, and futuristic, all in one, so far.

A smart toaster: your new favorite kitchen toy!

Technology often make life funnier, but we are not actually aware of that all time. No matter what she touches, she turns it always into some sort of challenging game experience for us humans, proposing to face and discover new gadgets, and play them until getting used to, so that we’re able to take the most advantage of those futuristic treasures.

In this way, technology is also suggesting a new whole wave of classic devices redesigned, some of them even antiquities, being treated by experts or just creative and artistic but techaholic souls that focus into bringing back to the market an endless list of popular stuff from the past, like vintage caravans to highlight one of my favorites, but this time with a touch of the century we live in and its multiple, astonishing advances.

The perfect platform to get lost discovering random reengineered gadgets? Kickstarter, par excellence! Though it’s true there’s a lot of scamming drafts, there are also thousand ideas over the website with which is worth taking the risk and contributing, just hoping they become true and start easing our lives as soon as possible, as in my opinion, is the case of the Toasteroid: the first app-controlled smart toaster.

Source: Tosteroid

Long time ago we could take it as joke that even the house toaster had a chip connected to us, right? It’s still a little bit fearsome how far we go, but don’t worry, let’s just start with a WiFi connection through our smartphones to go in the same direction of this smart toaster project that did bet for $150000 and already got almost $190000.

Toasteroid: not an ordinary toaster

A personal weather forecaster, private messenger, and doodle pad at the same time. Toasteroid aims to do all of the above with simple commands from your smartphone through their app, but of course, still make the most perfect piece of toast you’ve ever had Which at the end, is the most important objective of an average toaster, ha!

Let’s take a closer look to some of the top charming features of this unusual, bread widget.

Doodle your bread

This is a perfect feature to keep the children entertained, and let them actually play with their food, something they love to do but it’s not usually allowed nor well accepted when educating someone. Let them put their artwork in the family food, it will be so cute that you probably will not want to eat it, and all will be made by a phone’s screen.

Smart toaster

Source: Teknolojik Anneler

On the other hand, for those who are really difficult with food, maybe having a pleasant drawing on their bread will motivate them to savour it without thinking it twice. You feel like giving others around place some love, or even a positive message for yourself? Send toast messages as well. Just forget about Whatsapp or Facebook messenger, that’s very old-fashioned.

Source: Live-Smart

Weather reminder

You can literally print whatever you want in your bread, even the weather. In fact, just as if the slices of your next sandwich were post-it notes, there’s a particular feature that allows your smart toaster to inform you about the weather through a beautiful report on your favorite, delicious piece of multi-fibers bread.

Smart toaster

Source: MaxiGadget

Less than $89!

If you readed the whole article until here, you must be very interested in the gadget, or considering to get one in the future. If not, at least thinking in collaborating with the project, if possible for you, sure. In any case, normally a toaster as smarter as the Toasteroid we could think it’ll cost a lot of money. Surprisingly, you can have it all by the modic price of $85. Just make sure to be an early bird, cause no doubt its value will probably increase if a successful as it looks.

Remember the last time you were this excited for a breakfast? Probably never, right? Either me. Anyways, for those who are in a low-budget but still want to start investing in, and building their futuristic homes, the kitchen is a good place to start, and the bread time there deserves a smart toaster try.

The BioLite FirePit Is the Perfect Cooking Companion for Campers

If you’re a person who regularly goes camping, then you should know there’s a huge need to start a fire for heat and cooking. The most advanced campers can use wood to get a fire started, but for the rest of us, we require certain tools.

This is where BioLite’s FirePit comes into play. It’s a grill station for cooking tasty beef, chicken, hot dogs, and whatever else that might be on the menu. Additionally, it’s also a source of warmth, a type of jack of all trades machine.

Fire without the smoke? We’re in

The interesting thing about the BioLite FirePit is its ability to have a fire going without smoking out the campsite. That has always been a problem for campers, but BioLite wants to change that by using technology.

Here’s the thing, the creators stated that once the fire is lit, the smoke will disperse in 30 seconds, which is quite impressive. Now then, this is made possible due to the orange fan at one end of the Bioite FirePit. Along with the fat, the product is packing 51 air jets to deliver oxygen to the fire.

Users can even control the intensity of the flames by way of a smartphone app. The app from what we’ve come to understand; controls the speed of the fan. The faster it spins, the hotter the flames. Turn it down, and there’ll be a calmer fire, but a longer fire in the end.

“The airflow system has four fan speeds to control the intensity of your flames. If you want a mellow campfire feel, you tune it to LOW,” according to the Kickstarter description. “If you want a powerful fire that radiates a lot of heat outward, crank it up to HIGH.”

Chargeable fan

The fan itself can be charged since it has a built-in battery. Once fully powered, users can keep a fire going for up to 24-hours on a single charge. Not to mention, it also works as a power bank for charging mobile phones and other gadgets.

It’s quite slick, and we can see many folks taking a liking to the product due to its many features and the ability to get rid of smoke.

X-Ray Mesh Body

Imagine camping during the night time and watching the fire burn, wouldn’t that be fun, or even romantic? Sure it would, and likely much better with the X-Ray Mesh Body attached to the BioLite FirePit.

Folks can sit back and watch the firewood cracks with flames churning at the top. It’s quite the sight to behold, but the creators haven’t stopped there.

Free solar cover for Kickstarter backers

When taking a camp trip, anything is possible, so, therefore, one must be prepared for any eventuality. That’s probably one of the reasons for the solar cover, as it’s designed to trap energy from the sun and save it to the battery of the fan.

The cover is a $60 product that all Kickstarter backers will gain for free.

At the time of writing, the BioLite FirePit has surpassed its $100,000 Kickstarter goal with 31 days left to go.

Get a Sense of the Outdoors With the Virchybike Lite Indoor Exercise Bike

Not everyone has the time to ride a bicycle outdoors to get their exercise on. It’s too much hassle, right? Well then, how about an indoor product known as the Virchybike Lite that delivers excellent results without the need for going outside.

Let’s be clear; indoor cycles are nothing new, so why should anyone care about the Virchybike Lite then? That’s because the user can enjoy the joy of cycling indoors with a giant IMAX screen or a VR device.

Virchybike Lite brings the outdoor experience indoors

Giving users a realistic experience when riding is not just simple videos of roads and the environment, it’s much more. You see, the Virchybike Lite is designed to bring an authentic feeling of riding a bicycle to the user. When attached to the IMAX screen, the entire experience is similar to that of a video game.

For example, the product comes with several courses which the user can ride on. If the road on screen goes to the left, the user must swing the Virchybike Lite in that direction. Furthermore, the faster the user steps on the pedals, the faster the on-screen avatar rides.

Interestingly enough, the device comes with a fan that simulates the wind. When the user is riding at top speed, the fan blows harder.

If you were wondering, there’s a heart-rate monitor here as well. It’s an excellent idea since exercising on bicycle tends to increase the speed one’s heartbeat. Some folks might want to keep track of that to make sure they are not pushing themselves over the limit.

Let’s talk about VR

The virtual reality feature is one of the most interesting aspects of the Virchybike Lite. According to the creators, folks will be required to use an app known as “Rora” along with a VR headset such as the Samsung Gear.

You’ll need a supporting smartphone, but from what we can tell, all the newest high-end Samsung devices are VR ready.

“RORA, as a 3D game supported by various indoor cycling hardware, provides a realistic VR riding experience using a head mounted display. We have formed a partnership with ANSWER Inc., the company that has developed RORA. With top-notch big data analysis techniques, you can enjoy your experience with VR riding games by using Virchybike and RORA,” according to the company’s statement on Kickstarter.

Virchybike Lite has so far amassed more than the $15,000 required to meet its goal on Kickstarter. There’s over a month left, so we expect it to hit a huge milestone before the end.

We have to say, it’s a quality looking product, and will likely cost a lot to own when it goes on sale in 2018.

Waylens Inc. is Making an Even Better Camera with This New Kickstarter

It seems everywhere you look, you see cameras everywhere. Cameras in the grocery store, cameras on everyone’s phone, and even cameras in the driveway of your friends house thanks to startups like Ring.

Most cars on the road today have camera pre-installed on them as well, but only in the form of helping the driver back up without hitting another vehicle. I have been saying for years that every car needs a series of cameras that can prove who is at fault during an accident.

Waylens Inc. has dedicated their lives to making automotive cameras that benefit humanity and did their first Kickstarter two years ago with great success. Now, they’re expanding their visual repertoire with a new 360 degree camera that does it all.

Source: Waylens, Inc.

Secure360 w/ 4G

Waylens Inc. has more than quintupled their goal of $60,000 and is now guaranteed to offer this camera to their potential customers and backers. The beauty of this camera is that it not only films what is directly ahead of the dashboard, but what is in the car as well.

The Secure360 camera gets it name for two reasons: having a full 360 degrees of view and filming for a full 360 hours without needing to delete any footage. The footage itself is saved to Waylens’ cloud and even films while parked; just in case.

If you happen to be away from the car and an even does occur, the free app (available upon release) will notify you with a live feed of what is happening to your car whether it be a hit-and-run, theft, or somebody towing your car away.

The reason that the Secure360 can film so much video is that it uses low power sensors that will wake from a sleeping state if an event occurs. The camera uses 4G-LTE to save and store the acquired video to the cloud.

Once is released in the first quarter of 2018, the 4G model will retail for around $349 plus a small monthly fee for cloud service and the connectivity. Set-up is a cinch thanks the simplistic panel that easily sticks to the inside of the windshield.

I nice little extra of the free app is a gps locator function that will help you find your car in a crowded parking lot after a long and arduous day. The Secure360 camera has gotten commendations by companies like The Verge and Autoweek as well as receiving a “best in show” award by CE Week Exhibits and Conferences.

Source: Waylens, Inc.

The wifi model and the pledges

If you don’t want your videos hanging out on the cloud, then they will also offer a wifi model for around $100 less. Instead of using the cloud and 4G-LTE, your videos will be saved by way of an SD card of up to 256 GB.

The wifi model will offer all the brilliance that lies inside the camera, but things like live streaming and car locator can not be utilized because of a lack of connectivity, but the safety is there. Plus, since there is no monthly service fee then this camera is paid in full immediately.

Backers get discounts as well as early access to the innovative camera. At $149, you get your camera and all the cords in November, but you’ll have to wait until March for your 4G service. In March, the pricier pledges get their camera paired with 3 or 6 months of service.

For you big spenders out there, you can get a 36 pack of Secure360 cameras for $6,900 to equip your entire fleet of limos, delivery vans, or whatever with these phenomenal cameras. But be vigilant because there is just over 1 day left of this campaign.

Back this project here.

Magphone: The Kickstarter Project that will Hold Your Mobile Device

If you’re like me, then you probably watch videos on your phone or check your social media feed while eating or doing other things. The issue I have is finding a place to rest my phone where I can both see it and where it won’t slide to the floor.

Now, I’ve tried lots of different types of contraptions to help hold my phone ranging from a tri-pods and picture frame-like fixtures to a little pig with a suction instead of a head. Some are better than others, but none of them are what I would call “great.”

I’m always on the lookout for a good, high-quality phone holder because sometimes I’m working while I’m watching a video and I can’t be switching from phone to laptop and laptop back to phone. It would be a nice bonus if the holder also worked with bigger devices like my daughter’s 9” tablet.

The good news is that a new high-tech mobile device holder is on the way with a new Kickstarter from a father and son team from the UK. It’s called Magphone and it is the most modern holder on the market and will be available by Christmas.

Magphone is using the advancement of smartphones to their advantage

“In late 2014, Dad complained that the car phone holders he kept buying were useless with a multitude of flaws. After thorough research I could clearly see the very obvious gap in the market. The phone holders available simply lacked innovation, flair and absolute functionality,” says Tom Green, co-inventor of the Magphone.

The Magphone works thanks to a series of 9 super strong Neodymium magnets that instantly snap your phone against the 360 degree stand. The magnets work by way of a metal plate that rests between your phone and phone case.

In the past, you’d never get a high-powered magnet anywhere near your phone for fear of date deletion. However, because of current smartphones using flash memory, this now a great way to hold your phone without fear of it dropping to the floor.

If you want to affix the phone to a wall or the dashboard of your car, then there is also a base included with each model upon release. This base is not a damaging texture such as velcro or adhesive, but a series of thousands of microscopic suction cups that work with ease.

The Magphone is strong enough to pick up an annoyed chihuahua, so an oversized tablet is no problem. The applications are endless and include being used as a dock to play music or videos, a stand for taking selfies, and so on.

The Magphone will be available in three colors: gunmetal grey (my favorite), black, and rose-gold pink. The Magphone will retail for 44 pounds (about $57) and will be the width of a quarter. It will included 2 metal slabs so you won’t need to constantly switch it between devices.

Backers get a great deal

The Magphone’s Kickstarter campaign went live today and already has above $1,700 of their goal of $24,067. All of the pledge levels are in British pounds and begin at two pounds ($2.57) for a virtual hug and go up to 1,899 pounds ($2,456) for a pack of 100 Magphones, Magdiscs, and 200 metal plates for the best boss in the world.

There are still 34 days left in the campaign, so you have over a month to get in on the ground floor of this amazing product. Backers get theirs by Christmas, even if production slows down for some unseeable reason; you are taken care of.

Pledge your money now and join this father and son team from Liverpool here.

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