Managed Cloud
Cloud without the hassle

At Sanvada, we provide cloud managed services to get you the full support of today’s leading cloud platforms, saving you the hassle and frustration of doing it yourself. We support a variety of cloud mixes, such as public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud. Sanvada will help you manage the growing complexity of your IT estate, enabling you to focus more on high value projects and spend up to 80% less time managing infrastructure.

Deployment and Optimization

Flex on Demand

Managed Services

Our Approach
Focused on Serverless
Dedicated architects and engineers with focus and expertise exclusively on serverless application development.
End-to-End Service
Delivery of all backend applications, APIs, integrations, and UI & Ux to turn your idea into a fully-realized application interface.
Sprint-Based & Agile
Collaborative and flexible approach that adapts quickly to overcome any new challenges and ensure project success.
Alistair Group Streamlines Logistics with a Cloud-Native Application to Support Rapid Growth

Alistair Group, a logistics company that moves 650,000 tons of cargo per year across 14 countries needed a solution to help manage their operations. Alistar partnered with Onica to build a cloud-native application that enabled them to streamline operations and scale like never before.

Serverless Application Development on AWS

Servers are fading into obscurity. Instead, the model of “Run Code, Not Servers” is prevailing, spurring a cloud native mindset where developers consider infrastructure and integrations from day one.

Let’s build something amazing in the cloud.
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