Life-Saving Selfie App Joins the Battle Against Skin Cancer

Source: Miiskin

With an ever decreasing O-Zone layer, skin cancer has never been more prevalent. But with early detection, it’s far easier to curb its impact. A new app developed by the team at Miiskin allows patients to track changes in their skin by taking a full body photo, providing a key opportunity for self examination.

This life-saving selfie utilises augmented reality technology so that you can simply stand the phone on a desk and be guided to the right spot by the automated messages so that the right angle for the shot is possible. 

Currently available on both the App Store and Google Play, the self-photographing technology was developed due to a major lack of photos being taken of patients’ own awkward-to-shoot body parts. While only 15% of patients generally provide photos of their back to their doctors, this is a high-risk area for skin cancer to develop. 

The app user can hide their modesty, and their identity for that matter, by opting to blur out certain parts of the final image they send.

Miskin created the app with the hope that people prone to skin cancer would have a user-friendly way to maintain and manage their own self care and provide regular reminders to users when a check-up is needed. Miskin partnered up with the British Skin Foundation to raise awareness of the issue of skin cancer.

A spokesperson for the British Skin Foundation, Dr. Anton Alexandroff, said “Collecting photo evidence can help people keep track of their skin – so they are able to provide their doctor with a digital record of potentially life-threatening changes to their own skin.”

The app is available free to download or with a premium option on 30 day free trial and $5 a month thereafter. This could be a key app to truly loving the skin you’re in.

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