The Best Gig Economy Sites Around Right Now

    Working from home

    With the global economy tanking, the gig economy is at the forefront of innovation and opportunity right now. Working from home holds more appeal than ever before, and everyone is trying to get on board. Here are some of the best freelancer websites and the key players you need to know to get ahead of the game.


    This high tech recruitment platform is aimed at the top end of consulting and financial workers to direct them to project based work suited to their skills. Predominantly working out of Australia and New Zealand, this firm aims to expand its reach internationally and partner up skilled workers with the right companies. If you’re in investment banking or consultancy and looking for a role which offers flexibility and rewards expertise (hourly rate is typically $500-$5000) then Expert360 is the place for you.

    MBO Partners

    Their stated aim is to link up enterprise organizations with the best independent professionals out there. With over 20 years of operating experience, they are a leading player, offering expert insights into how things in their field are progressing and the best companies to work for. They create direct sourcing platforms, or ‘white source’ platforms which aid businesses in incorporating freelance workers into their permanent teams, making it work smoothly for both parties involved.


    Upwork is the merger of two previous freelance platforms, Elance and oDesk, and boasts over 5 million registered clients. It seeks to link up the best companies out there with the top independent professionals in the game and also boasts very reasonable commission rates for all levels of work. With over 3 million jobs posted annually on their website, there’s no shortage of opportunity! This is a good place to begin for someone wanting to start out with freelance work in the gig economy (aka the 1099 economy).


    This platform, like Expert360, specializes in financial and consultancy roles for project work. It aims to provide companies with the most talented and capable individuals to the world of boutique investment firms and small businesses who are crying out for top level expertise but have struggled to get connected to it. If you want to find work in this ever expanding field, this is the place to go.


    A UK based recruitment company ideal for temporary part time roles and shifts to work around a more permanent role. It all works through their easy to use app which provides links to the companies who work through flexi and the reviews of freelancers who’ve worked there. The app format means workers can see what shifts will fit nicely around their regular jobs to make the process extra convenient. The format provides the freedom to make informed choices about where to work and find the right roles for you.


    A global, award-winning recruitment firm specialising in management consultancy roles, it seeks to partner up the brightest and best candidates with the finest companies out there. Their founder, Richard Stewart, already had extensive experience working for Management Consultancy firms when he opened it in 2003, so it was already built on a solid foundation. The company’s extensive networking means that it is a key player in the field and the right place to look for the ideal role in an ever expanding industry.


    Source: Lifesize

    PWC Talent Exchange

    A name already synonymous with greatness as one of the big four accountancy firms globally, it has now extended its reach into the gig economy. The Talent Exchange is designed to link up independent professionals with clients’ internal projects and project teams for a robust way to get the job done. It operates as part of the ever growing role of work intermediation platforms (WIP) which seek to source independent talent. If you want an opportunity to work for one of the big four on a variety of exciting projects, then look no further.


    Websites for the independent writer are a dime a dozen, where Contently differs is that its employees sift through the details of writers to fit their clients plus you can write for them directly. This means some niche writers are able to earn $1 a word. This is because they discovered early on it was a race to the bottom if they allowed writers to set their own fees. By giving good pay they get good writing so it rewards talent. This is one of the best gig economy sites for writers, but the caveat is that it can take a long time to be discovered which isn’t great for those who want to earn a fast buck.

    This website works by allowing clients to post their projects online and getting the freelancers to bid on it. The client then picks who they believe is the best candidate and pays them the agreed amount once the project is complete. The advantage of Freelancer is that if you’re a jack of all trades you can post upto 100 skills on your profile to broaden your work opportunities. The drawback is it’s a very competitive market so you might not always earn what you feel you deserve (similarly to the “race to the bottom” point with regard to Contently).


    Not entirely dissimilar to, Fiverr houses a broad range of categories. It also works on a four-tiered system for workers which means your profile will improve in relation to the quality of your work, allowing you to charge more for the content you provide. That’s where the name comes from, charging just $5 for some services, meaning that it’s attracted a plethora of smaller and independent businesses, making it easier for you to find work on the platform. Of course, no talented freelancer can regularly complete projects for a payment of $5, but it’s a good way for clients and providers to try each other out, which often leads to much more lucrative projects.

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