Five of the Most Important Cloud Consulting Services Out There

    Cloud consulting services

    With Cloud Storage becoming the most popular way to store data, both as an individual and as a business, there are a myriad of services out there to consider. In order to get the best out of the storage you use, it’s advisable to use Cloud Consulting. Cloud Consulting is a service designed to aid the customer in making technological decisions around the Cloud Storage they utilise by using Logic Monitor Cloud resources. It seeks to assist the user with a variety of items, including assessment of feasibility for cloud implementation, assistance with high level design and review of proposed design patterns. Here, we look at five of the most common cloud consulting services used. 

    Job Scheduling

    In other words, IT workload automation and execution for your computer systems. This Cloud Consulting Service is centred around BMC Control-M which provides the software to aid with Job Scheduling. It works by defining and managing scheduled services in the data center environment. This assists in speeding up delivery of applications and managing the background data which is required to execute batch jobs. It can aid the user by providing a single viewpoint to oversee all file transfers and batch work. In doing so it is designed to integrate and orchestrate applications over cloud services, creating a smoother workflow. It also considers when to do batch processes, factoring in for power outages, holidays and other unforeseen circumstances. In addition to technical support, which oversees infrastructure support for deployment, upgrades and migration of Control-M,  they also provide first-level problem resolution and escalation when required, not to mention 24/7 support services.

    Colocation (COLO)

    As the Cloud is not literally a place, it’s the servers and technologies you use, it doesn’t take up space. However, your IT environment often does, and this is where Colocation comes in. These are data centers which provide the rack space, power and network capacity for computing environments. The COLO service only provides this to computing environments which do not adhere to standard I2D2 catalog services. This can include things like hardware appliances, computer platforms and any potential application specific requirements for the customer. To get the best performances for customers and lower costs, a combination of COLO and Cloud based computing is recommended, especially for larger companies as data center storage is provided much more cheaply than building your own.


    It is a key part of developing your IT environment in modern times, but the movement of this technology is not always straightforward so Cloud Solutions is a must. This is a labor-based service which is provided to I2D2 customers to help them to take IT items from one location to another. This can involve the inevitable step that many companies take by moving onto a cloud based system. The movement will generally involve migrating infrastructure, middleware, databases and similar information over. This can also include rehosting existing systems to something like an AWS cloud solution or replatforming from Windows 2008 to Windows 10, for example. A migration over to cloud based systems, especially within the Logic Monitoring IT environment, is seen as a benefit to costs, operational speed and security performance.

    Solutions Architecture

    This can be a key service for many customers – the provision of solutions to adapting their IT systems or providing a major overhaul with intelligent and experienced input to boot. It’s a means of scaling the IT network in a manner that will carefully consider the costing and engineering implications of the structural changes that will take place. This may involve designing and setting up a new hosting environment for your application or modifying your infrastructure. This aspect of consulting solutions is able to assist with every area of designing and deploying into I2D2 and the Cloud. It also helps users by providing a guide to implementation and adoption of the new systems, especially with systems such as Microsoft Azure as this is key to it being user friendly and accessible to the customer utilising it.


    Extranet provides an intranet platform for users both inside and outside of a company. It assists those partners who work closely with a company to access and exchange information in a secure but limited manner. This is as opposed to many internet services that are accessible to the general public. The service provided by Cloud Solutions here supports the customer to design and implement this form of hosting environment. More specifically, it aids the customer with the vetting and approval of Extranet architectural design and the guidance on how to obtain the required security approvals for the design Dedicated Network container and IP addresses as required. They can also assist with Extranet Firewall rule changes. Extranet Solutions is a cost-effective way to use the Cloud to work collaboratively and closely with partner organisations without compromising on quality or security.

    As you can see, Cloud Solutions offer the customer a wide array of support and assistance when developing your IT services on the Cloud or setting up a new hosting environment. It does not, however, cover hands-on evaluation, detailed design, or implementation. If this is required, clients should consider Lab Consulting or Solution Architecture. For now though, Cloud Consulting is an expanding industry which will bring about major and sustainable changes for its users in five key areas, and it is likely these services will only develop further and faster.

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