Here’s the Coolest Emerging Tech Around Right Now

    Source: Kickstarter

    Want to see what new gadgets and tech is out there and maybe searching for a little inspiration? Or perhaps you just want to keep up with the latest shiny bits of kit? Either way, look no further as we explore what gadgetry the middle of 2020 has to offer. We’ve gathered together some of the most exciting and innovative technology out there for you to explore.

    Mendi: Brain Trainer

    While there are many brain training apps out there, this one’s a little different. This app seeks to use only your brain function to control games by monitoring your neurological activity and feeding that back through what is known as ‘neurofeedback’. Essentially, the games you play represent brain activity – by controlling the game you are actively training your brain! It uses a high-tech headset in combination with the app, and the resulting brain enhancement is said to be good for mental health as well as cognitive ability. 

    Creality CR-6 DIY 3D Printer Kit

    Only a few years ago 3D printing was inaccessibly expensive to the average person, now the printers are getting smaller, cheaper and easier to use. Judging by the reviews of this and some of its production quality, you’ll be onto a real winner with the CR-6. No assembly is required and you can start making your own models within minutes of it coming out of the box, just check out the results:

    Pulsing – Your Favourite Books Online

    A different way to discover books, with Pulsing the creators have designed and made a format where you can absorb all those books you’ve wanted to read over the years. They have effectively condensed the essence of the books into 15 minute videos. By working with top authors, they’ve taken the key elements of books and summarised them for you to enjoy. It’s all offered for one flat fee. 

    This sounds a little like offering the opportunity for people to cheat on exams or with dinner party knowledge, but it’s also a way for busy people to learn about books they simply don’t have time to read.

    The Family Wellbeing App

    Technology and gadgets are often criticised as isolating people and separating them from friends and families. This app seeks to do the opposite. By creating activities that the family can do together, they can work on exercise, nutrition and communication in a way that suits all ages. It allows you to upload videos and photos of the fun you’re having too so you can savor those memories. As well as improving your mental health it also makes you a better communicator, making it one of the most wholesome apps around.


    Source: Kickstarter

    Reusable Protective Facemask

    This one sort of speaks for itself. At a time when many are worried about their health and what they need to do to protect themselves, this mask provides a key ingredient. The reusable mask makes things simple as it means you only require one, so all you need to do is change the filters which are provided and clean it once a day, making it much cheaper than single-use alternatives and far more environmentally friendly. You’ll also always have something to use to protect yourself during times of mask shortages.

    Modius Sleep Aid

    Sleep deprivation is a common global problem and one that is seen to be getting worse, as with a lack of social interaction, technology is often the one to foot the blame. The joy of this kit however, is in its ability to aid sleep. By wearing it for 30 minutes before you go to sleep, it sends a signal to the sleep centre of your brain via your vestibular (behind the ear) and has been demonstrated to improve sleep after just 14 days.

    Walking Pad Pro – The Best Gym Alternative

    For those of us missing the gym, this might just be the answer. The Walking Pad Pro is a foldable treadmill which also helps people who live in cramped city centre apartments or who’ve simply ‘run’ out of space. It can be used for walking and running with a top speed of 6.2mph and be used whatever the weather. What’s more, once you’re finished you can pop it back under your bed or sofa where it’s nicely out the way.


    Source: IndieGoGo

    Foldeat – The Foldable Picnic Box 

    While some of us may have already forgotten what a picnic is, others will be itching at their first opportunity to have one this year. With Folded At the designers have thought of everything. There are tritan containers to keep cold food cold and hot food hot in the same bag while also providing space for cutlery and dips. The bag is also adjustable so you can wear it like a satchel or attach it to your bike. What’s more, the bag itself unfolds so you can place all the items on it as you’re lounging on the grass!

    Covid-19 Symptom Tracker

    With many governments around the world looking for their country’s best tech to answer the problem of tracking Covid-19, a crowdsourced app may be the international solution we’ve been seeking. Developed across Massachusetts General Hospital, in conjunction with Harvard Medical School, and King’s College London, the app has proved to be highly effective in tracking the disease. In a recent study, it has tracked people across the U.S, U.K and Sweden with results showing it was able to predict the virus with over 80% accuracy. What’s more, it was able to do so based simply on age, gender & four basic symptoms, with loss of taste and smell being the no.1 indicator. This may be the year’s most vital app.

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