How Truly Dark is the Dark Web?

    dark web
    Credit: Investopedia/Bill-Hinton-Photography

    A look at Primitive Hidden Internet and Applications used to Combat The Highly Compromised “Dark web” Towards Tri-Singulation in Time Sensitive Signals for Cryptographic Radio Cross-Internet Transmissions.

    Every now and again we read in the paper (figuratively speaking) about how some schmuck tried to hire a hitman on the dark web only to find out that it was an “FBI Agent” posing as a hitman. The person inevitably then gets arrested. Although these illegal activities are abhorrent, and it’s only right that these people are arrested, it’s important to explore the Dark web more thoroughly to find out whether high-profile examples really represent it. To find out whether it is really so “Dark” (hint: it’s not).

    The Dark web is not so secret 

    If the hidden so-called Dark web is so secret, why are so many people apprehended? The answer is because anyone can use it. In addition, it probably does not help criminals due to the fact that it was built and deployed by the Intelligence Community (IC). Who do you think operates those edge nodes on the TOR Router?! It does not make sense to allow potentially highly illegal activities on your servers if you aren’t getting paid. And I can’t think of too many criminals doing work pro bono. 

    What you need to know 

    What is HAM radio? In short, it’s a Very-Low Frequency (VLF) radio transmission that can transmit signals in theory and if done right around the globe, anywhere, anytime.

    What is Self Tri-Singulation? The concept relies on transmitting signals intelligence (SIGINT) through three sources of media in a very short-lived span of time in order to facilitate three or more coded messages using three separate sources of electronic media to communicate a single activity.

    For the most secure internet transmissions, it’s best to use a Hidden Browser using two or three VPN tunnels. If one is compromised, as they usually are, it becomes easy to track your online fingerprint. Avoid cheap and free VPNs like NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and others as they are compromised and extremely inefficient. 

    However, any number of VPNs is not sufficient if one of the end nodes itself is compromised, in order to combat this you should use a scattered-array signal periodically alternating VPN-end points making it extremely difficult to track. Good internet hygiene is also required. 

    The only way to know for sure if your VPN is compromised is if it is one that you physically own and operate those servers, but again, this can pose other risks. Lastly, do not enable javascript, PDFs, or Adobe Flashplayer as all have well-known and studied vulnerabilities.

    Lesson Activity:

    The proposed countermeasure to spying by any nefarious group would be for both “Bob” and “Alice” to logon using reliable and trusted 2-3 node VPN tunneling using a scattered-array system whereby the endpoints are alternating. Second, Bob should communicate to Alice only in simple means & simple terms. For example, the message could contain a URL on the hidden web and/or a HAM frequency to tune into. 

    NOTE: the radio frequency needs to be chosen at random and be clear and open for radio communications. HAM radio is a vital second or third step in the process. Third, both Bob and Alice must then complete their activity through a new medium for confirmation to ensure the integrity of the activity is complete. Any further attempts would be an indicator of a compromised system of secure communications. One and Done is the outcome.