The Best Emerging Tech Around Right Now

Source: Kailo

Now that we’re getting into 2020, the emerging technology that will define the year is becoming apparent. From long-standing concepts that just keep getting better to things we could never have dreamed of way back in the dark ages of 2019, here is our top five list of the best emerging tech around right now. 

Drop x THX Panda Headphones

How clear and crisp can sound reproduction get before listeners can hear the singer’s lunch being digested on the day the song was recorded? Well, anything and everything that microphones picked up in the studio should be loud and clear on the Drop x THX Panda Headphones.

Described as “The World’s highest fidelity wireless headphones,” they have several other features that are world-firsts in their field. No wonder they these groundbreaking headphones are smashing their IndieGoGo target with plenty of time still to go. 

Kailo – The Future of Pain Relief

For all the advancements in medicine that have been made in the past few decades, pain relief remains something that’s very difficult to tackle. Getting jacked up on morphine every day isn’t really workable, and people with chronic pain often find that solutions are hard to find. 

Enter Kailo, a “Nanotech bio-antenna that interacts with electrical signals in your body, naturally relieving pain.” Not only does it tackle pain, it also helps with recovery, flexibility, and motion. The product is simply worn as a band around affected areas. It sounds very appealing for people who have tried other things that didn’t work, as well as anyone who prefers not to put chemical medication into their body.

Source: Kailo

GLAMOS: Bring Your Touchless Screens To Life

Tired of walls that do nothing but hold up the building you’re in? If you want to whip those lazy walls into shape and have them do more than simply stop the roof from caving in, why not turn them into touchscreens?

Glamos, we are informed, “is a tiny yet mighty device that uses LiDAR tech to turn any screen at home or the office into a fully interactive touch screen!” The Kickstarter page says that:

GLAMOS is a LiDAR-based motion sensor that turns any screen instantly interactive. The prototype is composed of a distance measurement sensor, a motion recognition software, a rotating mirror module. Compared to other sensors, GLAMOS is smaller, has a wider input range, and consumes way less power.

It seems like this would be especially useful in offices to give any huddle spaces an interactive screen. Judging by the way the Kickstarter target has been smashed, people want this in their homes too.

Syfer – One Device. Complete Network Protection

Cybersecurity is an ever-changing landscape in which professionals constantly assess and develop in order to stay ahead of hackers and malicious actors. If you need a device that covers all areas of cybersecurity concerns based on the current situation, this device could be for you. 

Syfer supposedly gives you “privacy in 15 seconds.” Its features include:

– Protect against cyber threats in real-time

– Stop invasive data collection

– Smart VPN: stream while staying private

– Guard your IoT devices against hackers

– Artificial intelligence for enhanced security

– Stop annoying ads 

There’s no substitute for working with human cybersecurity experts to protect a business, but for residential networks and hobbyists this seems like a good solution to security concerns. 

BladeX, The Slimmest On-the-Go Monitor

Using two monitors at the same time significantly increases productivity, according to many experts. It also lets you feel like you work for NASA or you’re the snarky, geeky tech guy in dozens of movies.

Source: BladeX

However, taking one device with a big screen is difficult when you travel, so two is even harder. That’s where BladeX comes in. The very slim and portable screen is only 4.5mm thick, weighs 1.89lbs, and has a 15.6 inch, 1080P/4K touchscreen. It works with all laptops as well as PS4, XBOX One, Nintendo Switch, and Android smartphones.

Whether you want better health, tighter online security, or more productivity in 2020, the best emerging tech around right now can give you it all.

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