The 15 Coolest Tech Innovations on Kickstarter Right Now

    Source: Ebo

    Technology is now at the forefront of everything we do, from checking the weather to taking care of our pets, there’s something for everyone. With the constant shifting and development of new ideas come some fantastic innovations for you to get your hands on. With this in mind, let’s examine some of the best ideas that have recently popped up on Kickstarter.

    Hyperjuice – The world’s smallest 4 port charger

    The portable charger is a must in the modern world, but most are still clunky and often take a long time to fully charge while not providing a huge amount of power. The size of a credit card, Hyperjuice boasts 100W of power as well as 2 USB-C and 2 USB-A ports so you’ll never run out of juice again. You could charge your phone, laptop, table, and another mobile device all at the same time. What’s more, the device comes with a built-in foldable wall plug resulting in it taking up no more space in your pocket than a pack of cards. (So if you like to carry a pack of cards around to impress your friends with magic tricks, this might impress them more).

    The one cup pocket-sized barista

    For all you caffeine addicts out there, here’s a portable innovation with an environmental angle which won’t cause all the waste of a main street coffee chain. This device just needs hot water and coffee to produce excellent espressos on the go without requiring any disposables. Incredibly, it provides the same pressure as a professional machine (9-10 BAR) to make a proper espresso, so you’re getting barista quality on the move! You can cut cost, save the planet, and save time all in one go.

    Bangle.js – the hackable smartwatch

    Source: Bangle.js

    Long gone are the days when watches simply told the time and impressed people by being shiny. This smartwatch gives you the freedom to upload all manner of javascript apps and even create your own if you can run them wirelessly. Not only that … it also comes with bluetooth, GPS and is AI enabled so that it can bring all manner of benefits directly to your wrist.

    Talking about the portability and ease of use, the Kickstarter page explains that: 

    “The Espruino JavaScript interpreter allows you to upload code and debug wirelessly out of the box using just a Web Browser, with no need to install software on your computer.”

    Pollix Watch – The health and fitness smartwatch

    Another smartwatch here, but this one is looking out for you health rather than your “hacking” skills. With an incredible 10 days of battery life, this watch gives you instant access to your sleep cycle, blood pressure, workout quality and more. It also comes exclusively with fatigue monitoring technology – helping to remind us when we’re pushing ourselves a little too hard in the quest for fitness.

    Air Purification Just Got Smart

    Understandably in a more and more polluted world, there is an increase in the need for better air quality. However, most air purifiers just aren’t up to the task. Mila, the smart air purifier not only monitors the air quality of your room, it adjusts its function to the size of the room and even quietens down when you enter. This smart bit of kit links up to your smartphone so you can see it work its wonders in real time, and the data you can view will demonstrate the improvements in air quality it has made.

    Ebo – The robot companion for your cat 

    Our feline friends may appear aloof, but they’re social animals and miss you desperately when you’re gone (no, really!). This endearing device not only socializes with your cat while you’re away, it also helps them exercise, improving health and reducing those veterinary costs. With HD video and wi-fi connection, it means you can also play with your cat from wherever you are, making it the purrfect gift! (Yes, we went there).

    DIPLE – The microscope for your smartphone

    Source: DIPLE

    This is a portable microscope that can be attached to your smartphone in seconds and gives upto an incredible 1000x magnification. It can even be used to take photos or videos of minerals or microorganisms making it the perfect piece of equipment for scientists young and old. Now, who wants to explore the world on a microscopic scale?!

    VBlanket – Cordless heated blanket and cape

    Perfect for those camping trips that get a little too cold, those nights on the deck that you don’t want to end, or simply for wandering around in cooler temperatures, the VBlanket switches from a throw to a hooded cape in an instant. The heating element is spread so that it can reach optimum temperature in 30 seconds and the battery can last up to 8 hours. It even has LED lights so you can see your way in the dark or enjoy a spot of midnight reading.

    SwitchBot Curtain – Smart curtains

    This nifty little device can be retrofitted to go on any curtain rail instantly, making your curtains smart. Surely, no part of the home will be unsmart soon. It can be used to help with keeping your house cool in the summer and hot in the winter by detecting sunlight and closing or opening the curtains automatically. It is also voice activated so that you can open them up without lifting a finger. What’s more, it’s charged by solar power (which makes total sense) so you barely have to plug it in at all. There’s even an anti-theft feature to keep your house safer. Smart blinds are one thing, but this is something else.

    LaserPecker – The portable engraver

    Despite the rather questionable name, LaserPecker opens up a novel world of opportunities to create cool patterns and nifty designs with a mini engraver. You can use it on wood, leather, metal and more to create a myriad of personalised items all very affordably and in the comfort of your own home. If you want to create the perfect personalized gifts this holiday season (and can get your hands on it in time), this portable engraver is the way to go.

    Source: LaserPecker Pro

    Robo Wunderkind – LEGO robotics

    Source: Robo Wunderkind

    This is LEGO for the kids of 2020 – LEGO robotics. Aimed at 5-12 year olds, it aims to help kids learn how to code with a 3 step process: build your robot, code it with instructions, and play away! By creating simple and easy to learn algorithms on the accompanying app, which works with the blocks, there’s a huge variety for young minds to explore and enjoy while learning some pretty handy coding skills.

    Rio – the heated water eye massager

    In a world full of gadgets to stare at and make your eyes go all fuzzy, you’d think the last thing you’d need is another gadget … but you’d be wrong! Rio is designed to use heat and water to stimulate blood circulation around your eyes and reduce the impacts of tiredness in just 10 minutes. With the average American spending over 10 hours a day staring at a screen, we should all keep an eye out for this release.

    T-Water: The showerhead revolutionized

    Source: Source T-Water

    Another water themed gadget – the humble showerhead has had a makeover and it looks good. It comes with a sophisticated filtration system which purifies the water – improving its impact on your skin and reducing skin irritation that’s so common in hard water areas. The filter is also designed to increase the water pressure, giving a massaging effect on your head, neck and shoulders. 

    According to the Kickstarter description: 

    “T-WATER Showerhead contains collagen that makes skin elastic, vitamin C that removes residual chlorine in the water helping skin anti-aging and creates rich negative ions that revitalize mind and body.”

    There are certainly worse ways to start your day.

    Hyperdisk – Super light and portable SSD

    Maybe it’s a love of all things mini that peaks our interest in this piece of tech, but we think Hyperdisk is great. Probably/possibly the world’s smallest SSD, it weighs a mere 1.6oz and can easily fit in your back pocket. It has up to 1,000 MB/s read/write speed, and is compatible with phones, tablets, MACs and PCs. That means bringing a whole load of movies, audio files and more anywhere with you without the hassle of the clunky portable hard drives we have had to put up with in the past.

    Selpic – The quick-drying handheld printer

    Bringing printing into the nano age, Selpic’s handheld printer can print quickly and in high quality on almost any surface. Working with an accompanying app on your smartphone, the gadget can print a range of fonts, images and designs while allowing the user to get creative. Great for artists and small businesses, the portable nature and affordability of it means it’s accessible to anyone.

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