ECG App on Apple Watch is Saving Lives Already


Anyone who uses an Apple Watch or other products from the company should be aware by now that a major focus is helping users to track their health.  While there are numerous apps available that can accomplish this in conjunction with Apple products, a particularly effective example of this is using the latest Apple Watch along with the ECG app.  Although there are skeptics who feel the app can cause more harm than good, a recent article has already proven that the ECG app on Apple’s latest smartwatch is already saving lives.


New App Release Yields Quick Results

Since I have been an avid user of Apple products for years, it has become the norm to acquire the latest products and apps that helps me to keep track of my health.  Naturally, I was excited to learn how the latest Apple watch and the ECG app can further assist in keeping tabs on my health.  While obtaining the Apple Watch Series 4, I had to wait for the app and the latest watch’s operating system update to become available to use.

Thankfully, the waiting is over to those who have access to it and the recent watch iOS update that allows the Series 4 Apple Watch users to obtain and utilize the ECG app.  According to an article on the BGR website, not only are people acquiring the app to try it out but it is already accomplishing its major purpose: saving lives.

The app’s effectiveness was even proved by one wearer of the Apple watch less than twenty-four hours of its release.  The person had posted on the Apple Watch subreddit and explained how he was able to avoid a serious health situation as the app alerted him that it detected signs of atrial fibrillation.

Apparently, the user tried out the app and it said that signs of atrial fibrillation was detected.  Since this meant that his heart beat was not normal, he tried it again to see if there was a glitch.  After trying again and seeing if his wife showed the same reading, they determined that it wasn’t a false positive and decided to seek medical attention.


According to his post, he went to the doctor’s and explained that, while feeling embarrassed, this new app suggested he should seek medical attention and just wanted to run a test to be on the safe side.  Once the test was completed, the technician got the doctor and after looking at the results, says that, “You should buy Apple stock. This probably saved you. I read about this last night and thought we would see an upswing this week. I didn’t expect it first thing this morning.”

Latest Apple Watch is Great Gift for Grandma and Grandpa

Since already someone has benefited from using the latest Apple watch and ECG app, another article caught my eye that explains why this product would benefit the senior community.  Besides referring to the ECG app, another benefit of this product is its ability to monitor when the wearer falls.  While this is a concern for anyone, there have been numerous cases where someone of advanced age suffers a fall and the result ends up being a tragedy.


Enabling this feature can help notify someone of your situation, especially if you are unable to speak.  While the title of the article suggests this would be a great gift to put inside grandma’s stocking, the product continues to help users be proactive about their health while offering a way to notify others if the situation calls for it.

There are bound to be those inside and outside of the medical profession to be skeptical of the ECG app producing more false positives than legitimate alerts.  Nevertheless, one user has clearly already benefited from utilizing the app and hopefully others will be forewarned of a potential health risk instead of finding out when it is too late.