MAKERphone Is an Impressive DIY Educational Tool

Mobile phones are the most used hardware in the world today, and not even computers come close anymore. That means, they are the perfect educational tool, and that is why we have the MAKERphone, an educational do it yourself (DIY) mobile device.

What makes MAKERphone such an interesting device, is the fact that users must assemble the product and code it themselves. The idea is not unique, but this is the first time we’ve seen it implemented on a mobile phone.

As for the looks of the device, well, the design is not what you might expect. You see, it doesn’t look like a traditional smartphone, and that’s because it isn’t. This is not a product for everyday regular use, so please keep that in mind.

What can users do with the MAKERphone?

A student won’t be doing a lot of advanced stuff, but when it comes down to coding on the device, that’s possible. Additionally, users can learn how to create games such as Pong, Space  Invaders, Snake, and more.

Folks will also learn the basics of Python and Arduino, along with Scratch. Not only that, but the system will teach how to solder, the basics of electronics, physical computing, the inner workings of a smartphone and more.

MAKERphone is all about turning consumers into creators

We agree with the creators that despite the popularity of smartphones, most consumers have no idea of what is inside their device. Chances are, it’s because mobile devices are not easy to pull apart when compared to a desktop computer.

Young people these days are not as impressed with hardware when compared to a decade or more ago, because these things are easily available. With devices such as MAKERphone, things could change.

Ever since the developers have begun work on MAKERphone, they’ve made several big improvements to transform the product into something worthwhile. Below are some of the improvements added so far:

  • A color screen
  • Better microcontroller with our custom software
  • Python programming language compatibility
  • Scratch programming language compatibility
  • Dedicated DAC and electronic volume controller for sound regulation and mp3 playback
  • 8 individually programmable RGB LEDs for a light show in your palms
  • Better PCB architecture for easier soldering
  • New prettier box with a black touchy cut-out sponge (IMPORTANT!)
  • The thing can now make calls, has a SIM card, and built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  • RTC (real-time clock) – MAKERphone now keeps time and wakes you up!

If you’re interested in what MAKERphone has to offer, go on ahead and support it on Kickstarter. The device, according to the creators, should be available come May 2019.