How To Fix PC Stuck on “Don’t Turn Off Your Computer” During Windows Updates

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One of the most terrible things that could happen to your Windows PC is to reboot into an update and being stuck there for a while when you have some emergency work on your PC. Usually, the “Getting Windows ready, Don’t turn off your computer” message appears while updating. Even though it may take some time, if it is taking hours, you might want to restart your PC. Microsoft says that it will take up somewhere around 10min to 30min for a Windows 10 PC to get updated.

When you restart the PC:

We usually follow the rule not to shut down or restart while something is getting updated. Well, what can certainly happen if you restart your PC while this is happening, below are the results of the tests we have performed.

After we started up the Windows PC, there was no automatic update lined up. So, we went into the settings and did a standard update from our PC. Then, we restarted our Windows PC forcibly while the update was doing its work.

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It did restart normally as it does. As soon as we signed in, Windows displayed a message that “We couldn’t finish installing updates” notification. Even though it failed, the Windows is working perfectly fine. And when the next time you reboot, it will try installing the update then.

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In the next trial, we restarted the PC when Windows was displaying “Working on updates 20%, Don’t turn off your PC. This will take a while.” The same case repeated even then.

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In every other case we have performed, Windows did the same thing. It rolled back the update and restarted in the old version. And later, Windows will try installing the update when you restart your PC.

How long should you actually wait?

As per the sayings of Microsoft, it will take quite some time between 10min to 30min for an update to finish. Even then, if your internal storage and the computer is slow, it might take a few hours as well. Again, it depends on the update package; if it is big, it might as well take a couple hours to get finished based on your PC’s speed. So, be patient and give it some time.

Coming to the point where you can restart or shut down your PC, leave it alone if you see any progress in the update. Again, if it is stuck at a particular percentage, we recommend you to restart your PC same as the way you did before in the above step.

Now, if the screen doesn’t show any progress and is dead struck on a screen at a point where you can’t even restart your PC,  it is time to force shutdown your PC. Even though it doesn’t seem safe, it is the only option you are left with.

What if your PC isn’t working properly after a force shutdown?

If this ever occurs even though it won’t for a larger part, simply restarting your PC should work and fix this. If it still doesn’t work properly, you might have caught with another system problem. From what we can say, restarting didn’t actually cause this problem. But, this might have occurred because your Windows OS already had a system error.

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What you can do is, go into the advanced boot options menu and then use the Startup Repair tool to fix your Windows condition. Usually, the boot options will show up even if you won’t open them manually in situations like this.

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This might be a nightmare but you will have to hard reset your PC if the Startup repair tool or any other method didn’t work for you. To do that, you will have to use “Reset this PC” feature or even reinstall to get a clean and new operating system.  If none of these actually worked for you, it is the hardware that has an issue. You might want to call in a technician for that.

If you have found any other solutions or need any assistance regarding this, drop a comment in the comments section below.