Should Gamers Play Super Mario Odyssey via Yuzu Emulator

Source: Nintendo

Super Mario Odyssey is one of the most fun games we’ve ever played, but not everyone owns a Nintendo system to enjoy this title. This is where Yuzu, a Nintendo Switch emulator, comes into play.

With this emulator, folks can play Super Mario Odyssey in full on their Windows 10 computer. In the past, Yuzu could only run the game to a certain extent, but whatever the problems were before, it appears they have been solved.

The developers recently released a new video on the web, confirming the game can be played from start to finish without many problems. Now, to play the game, you’ll need a powerful computer, but even then, you’ll still be dropping frames because the title was never designed with PCs in mind.

It goes to show the amount of work the developers of the emulator did to get things this far. The graphics have rendered much better than before, and frame rate issues aren’t as severe when compared to two weeks ago.

Source: Nintendo

Here’s what the developer had to say:

“Can you believe I’ve typed nearly 2,000 words without talking about Mario’s extensive wardrobe, the fantastically speedy load times, the smooth 60FPS? The fact is, the impressive running of this monster game is a footnote to all of its miraculously good game design. There are simply too many positive things to gush and talk about all before getting anywhere close to talking about how it runs. And, on that note, yes, it runs wonderfully.”

So, should you play Super Mario Odyssey on your Windows computer?

Here’s the thing, if you already own a Nintendo Switch, then there is no need because the Yuzu emulator, at this time, is unable to give players the same or better quality. You’ll realize that the Nintendo Switch runs the game at a steady 60 frames per second, but this is not the came with Yuzu.

Now, if you do not own a Nintendo Switch, well, we suggest you go out and buy one. It will likely take a number of years for Super Mario Odyssey to run smoothly on a Windows PC via Yuzu.

With that in mind, it would make more sense to play the game in its best form. If you can afford to own a powerful gaming computer, then we believe it should cost nothing to purchase a Nintendo Switch for the cool price of $399.

Not to mention, with the Switch, players can enjoy the game while at home or on the go. You can’t do that with a gaming computer, so right away you’ll be at a disadvantage.

Finally, playing Super Mario Odyssey via the Yuzu emulator is illegal. We’re not sure if it can get you in serious trouble, but you know what? It’s best to be safe than sorry. Just go on out and support Nintendo with your hard earned cash because the company created a masterpiece.