Security Tips to Follow When You Are Shopping Online

Source: NordVPN

Shopping online has become a cakewalk for everyone these days. Be it anything, people choose the online market over offline for various reasons such as offers and special discounts. It is quick when choosing, faster shipping, and with the returns & refund policies staying strong, it has become a casual thing shopping online.

The case wasn’t the same before. We had a pretty bad influence trusting these e-commerce sites for sending out the right products. Even though there have been some such cases, most of them are reliable and the put customers consent ahead of the seller’s. Keeping that aside, paying online is something we hesitate upon. Even though most of the use of cash on delivery and the online payment gateways are secure enough, we here will tip you some things about security while shopping online.

Buy only from reputable websites

Always look around you and keep a check on from where everyone is buying. Only buy from such reliable websites. When searching online, always keep a look on misspellings or a different domain other than .com. You don’t want to put your money into anything right? So, always be careful if the website you are buying from doesn’t have a properly secured payment gateway. Even if you are shopping from some other websites, make sure they are SSL protected along with a reliable payment gateway.

Don’t share all the details

Whenever you are shopping online, never share all the details they ever ask you for. Many online portals ask you for your social security number or something as such as the birthday. Do not share them because they will have nothing to do with them. If the website’s data get compromised, it could do great damage when combined with your banking details. Your money would be on the line if fallen into wrong hands. So, never share extra details.

Protection for your PC

Always make sure your PC is not infected with some malware or virus. If you are attacked with any, make sure you don’t shop online using your data on that particular computer. Your data can be compromised and it could be dangerous. Always run antivirus programs and clean your computer every once in a while.

Also, avoid shopping from public terminals if you ever do. Those PCs aren’t that loyal to you, because of only the owner what’s in them.

Use strong passwords

For everything including your social media, banking apps, and e-commerce website accounts, always maintain strong and secure passwords. Always create passwords that are both upper and lower case. Use something like alphanumeric including special characters.

Use public networks carefully

Whenever you are out at your hangout place and using the public WI-Fi, if at all you decide to shop something online, always make sure you only access the internet through a Virtual private network (VPN). Even though they sound like totally secure, always use a VPN when you are using a public network.

Use a different browser for shopping

If you still feel you don’t want to get bothered by the amount of influence falling into wrong hands make, always use a different browser when you are shopping online. Just open the tabs in a single window, log in to your account, shop and then log out. And finally, close the browser and clear the cache. Your data is safe that way even if you are not sure about any malware that attacked your computer.

Delete those spam Email offers

One of the most famous and easier ways to scam people these days is phishing scams. They have become so much common that they will make it seem like they have come from a reliable source. For example, if you get an email from Amazon about an offer or something, be careful before opening the content of it. It could drop you on a malicious website or cause a virus to get into your PC.

Be attentive on coupon deal website

When you are shopping online, everyone wants to grab a coupon or promo code so that you’ll get that offer or discount. These websites usually have the most malicious link around which can land you in danger websites. If you encounter any irrelevant pop-up ads when using such websites, stay away from it.

These are the security tips you must follow before buying something online in this era. Let us know in the comments section below if you follow any other ways.