How to Play Hidden Text-Based Adventure Game in Google Search

Source: Wallpapers XS

Adventure games are some of the most fun on the market because they give players the chance to become someone else, interact with various characters, and do super impressive things.

Now, the adventure video games we play today are graphically impressive, but did you know there are text-based adventure games out in the wild? Probably not. Well, if you’re interested in playing one of these games, then how about trying out what Google has in store.

You see, Google is known for using its search engine and other services to give users fun things to do. Across the company’s many portfolios on the web, Google has added several Easter Eggs, and it is up to us to locate them.

Google’s own text-based adventure game

This game is truly not the best in the world, and you won’t be playing it for long. But that’s not the point because the idea is to give users something to play for a short while when they’re at work with nothing to do.

On the matter of whether or not this game is fun, well, not really, but most importantly, it is playable and that matters more than often.

How to play this game

For this task, we’d like to recommend using Google Chrome or any other web browser that runs on the same engine. Yes, it does work in the likes of Firefox and Microsoft Edge, but from our test, the game runs more smoothly in Chrome when compared to others.

OK, so launch Google Chrome and visit Next, you are then required to search for “text adventure.” When the search results come up, fire up the JavaScript developer console by clicking on Ctrl + Shift + J if you’re using Windows 10, or Command + Option + J for those using a Mac.

By now you should see a message that says “Would like to play a game?” Simply type Yes, then hit the Enter key on your keyboard and right away, the game will begin.

For those who might be wondering, you’ll be playing as “G” from the infamous Google logo. Apparently, the other alphabets from the Google logo are lost, so as it stands then, it’s up to “big blue G” to find them in a bid to spell out the word Google at the end.

You can try out the game if you want to, but don’t expect something out of this world. It’s quite bland, but it’s better than nothing if you’re seeking a simple time waster.