Dumaguete: The City of Good People

Dumaguete is considered a capital of the province of Eastern Negros where you will meet many educated people thanks to more than five universities and several colleges. The student population of Dumaguete is about 35.000 of 113.000 inhabitants.

First and foremost, it speaks about the safety of Dumaguete, there are many opportunities for training and a lot of entertainment for every taste. In addition to the modern facilities, Dumaguete has a stunning coastline, active volcanoes, charming waterfalls, exciting wildlife and an abundance of hiking trails. The locals are very friendly, helpful and polite people.

How to get there?

Cebu Pacific and the Philippines airlines provide daily flights to Manila. In addition, the first one also provides flights to Cebu, Davao and Cagayan de Oro. Besides, you can use a ferry to go to Dumaguete from Manila, Cebu, Bohol.

Fast ferries arrive every day from the city of Cebu through the main terminal of the port, the journey takes approximately 4 hours. You will also be able to get a bus from Cebu to Dumaguete, this journey takes 5-6 hours.

What to eat?

Aquino Freedom Park is a nice place where you can lay down on the grass and rest, watching the frog swimming in the pond. There are many stationary Filipino food stalls, each of them is named in tribute to its owner. You should surely try Adobo chicken, Tapa beef jerky, Longgang Philippine sausage and a “pearl” of Philippine food, lumpia or fried Philippine pancakes.

Aquino Park is one of the greatest places to buy authentic Philippine food cheaply.

  •    Cafe Antonio is located in the building of the Spanish heritage, it offers a fantastic menu with quite cheap prices and a wonderful chilled atmosphere. Honestly, it’s almost the best place to enjoy a cup of wonderful original coffee.
  •    In Sans Rival, be sure to taste the amazing Sans rival tart and other delicious cakes, baked in one of the old established confectioneries in the city. If you visit the bistro Sans Rival, you can order ziti, salads and Hispanic specialties.
  •    Le Chalet is famous for the different kinds of delicious French and American cuisine.
  •    Jo’s Chicken Inato offers many kinds of chicken to try.
  •    Edelweiss Restaurant & Pub is an Austrian place with tasty food and a pleasant atmosphere.
  •    Chin Loong restaurant can boast of fresh Chinese food, high-quality service, and cheap prices.

Where to stay in?

  •    Bethel Guest House.

Bethel Guest House is a five-storied, clean and stylish place with an excellent management and service style. Inside you will find a roomy and cozy lobby, shower facilities and, what is more important, free chilled water. However, take into account that this guest house is not allowed to smoke and drink alcohol. Accommodation with pets is also forbidden.

  •    White Knights Inn.

White Knights Inn offers more than 20 pleasant rooms with air conditioning and free Wi-Fi. The hotel has a laundry and a cafe.

  •    Harolds Mansion.

Harolds Mansion is a well-known hotel, which is 500 meters from Dumaguete Pier. The rooms are quite big and clean, with air conditioning or fans. You can enjoy free coffee and water during the whole day. The price includes a little breakfast in the cafe on top. Free Wi-Fi can be found only in the lobby or on the roof. Nearby there are dive shops, motorbike rental.

Where to find attractive girls?

It’s not a challenge to meet a pretty girl there because there are a lot of Filipino women in Dumaguete. It is a student city thanks to a large number of universities, and girls come here to study from all the nearest islands.