Digital Wooden Cube LED Multi-functional Alarm Clock –Review

If you are in a rehabilitation process of breaking the snooze button addiction, then the digital wooden cube alarm clock was designed with you in mind. It features had to ignore wake-up call. Practically, the digital wooden cube alarm clock will drag you out of the warm confines of your bed.

The beauty doesn’t stop there. Let’s check out what this snooze resistant multi-functional alarm clock has to offer.

Product Description

  • Compact design: the digital multifunctional alarm clock is fashioned out of a hardened plastic. Five side of the displayed cube casing features a wood grain design. It comes in two color hues: black and white. My order was white in color.
  • Multifunctional: other than displaying time in both 12 and 24-hour mode, it boasts of room temperature (0F/0 C) and a calendar bright white LED display.
  • Adjustable LED: 4 brightness mode. With the option of total shut down.
  • Dual powered: Powered by either three triple A batteries or a 5V mains adapter.
  • Three-alarm set capability.

What Sets the Digital LED Multi-functional Alarm Clock Apart

For me the fact that it drops the snooze function and the sound activation display tips the balance in favor of the digital wooden LED multifunction clock.  A cough, a clap or a gentle tap will set the display on for a quarter a minute before going off.

Programming functionality to allow for time and temperature display cycle enhances the stylish feature of the alarm clock. A bright LED dot on the far corner of the time display caps the elegance with which the clock distinguishes PM from AM in a 12-hour clock system.

 The Not So Cool

User directions of the digital wooden LED multifunctional clock could have been drafted better. The English version of the Chinese translation is quite wanting. Set up videos of how to program the alarm clock will be of much help than the script.

Digital wooden multi-functional alarm clock
Digital wooden multi-functional alarm clock

Programming of the alarm clock is also not straightforward. Three buttons at the back of the cube: set, up and down act as your navigation keys. Turning off a single alarm setting for a digital clock, in my opinion, ought not to be cumbersome as what the wooden digital multifunctional alarm clock will subject you to.

Parting Shot

The digital wooden LED l alarm clock not only oozes class but also makes a strong statement with its multi-function capabilities. The icing on the cake is that you get to enjoy all these benefits for a paltry $13.96 USD from Amazon.

It’s a cool gadget that definitely does the job without the temptation of a snooze button that would make it harder for you to leave your bed.