Review: Warm White LED Tape Lights warm white LED tape lights warm white LED tape lights

Any gamer worth his weight in gold takes modding seriously to make a statement to their opponents. Nothing does it better than warm white LED tape lights. Arguably, lighting is one of the most underrated yet powerful modification aspects that you could easily go for improved appearance. warm white LED tape lights warm white LED tape lights

In order for your competitors to appreciate your hardware, you got to make it visible.  The distinctness of black from navy grey wire components need to come to life. That is my area of focus. Nevertheless, LED tape lights to present numerous interior design applications. Stretching from lighting your closet down to under cabinets. It brings more to the table than traditional overhead lights.

What You Get

It is tiring to buy one product from one place then look for the accompanying accessories somewhere else. That is why has combined the tape light with the perfect lighting kit.

The kit (PLT KIT10036) consists of a LED trip which is 16 feet, a power supply of 60 watts and a power cord connector. The cord connector can be comfortably used by a power source which is 12 inches away. warm white LED tape lights warm white LED tape lights

The strip is transparent in color crafted from a parylene nano coating giving it an added layer of protection against harsh weather conditions. It is rated by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), for damp locations. Hence can be used in areas periodically subjected to moisture condensation without the risk of water contact. Indoor pooling areas and over bathtubs are cases in point.

The LED light boast of an Ingress Protection of 65. That means the light is protected from dust particles as well as water sprays.


Simply put, how bright is the warm white LED Tape Lights? I consider lumen the most single important factor to look out for in an LED light stip. Lumens is an important factor to consider when designing light projects. warm white LED tape lights warm white LED tape lights warm white LED tape light has a 300 lumen per feet. An ideal range for accent lighting and mood lighting.

DIY with Warm White LED Tape Lights

Each spool of the tape light is accompanied with a 3M adhesive backing. A user’s manual and the PLT KIT10036 are also provided for proper installation.  The T-shape connector and the plus shape connector enable you to install the tape lights around corners and maneuver in difficult areas.  Easily cut to your desired lengths along the cut marked lines.

Wattage Consumption

Wattage gives the amount of power that the lighting units consume while running. Which ultimately affects the cost of running the lights. With a 3.5 watts per feet, the Warm White LED Tape is sure to go easy on your electricity bills.

The Not So Good

My main beef with the warm white LED tape light is the omission of information that impedes comparison of the light with its peers. Verifiable quality information on color rendering index, color temperature, and thermal management are conspicuously absent.

Color rendering index is a measure of how an object appears under the light source compared to how it would appear under the natural sunlight. Color temperature gives an indication of the appearance of the white color light. With a bright white color appearance, it could be implied that the warm white LED tape light has a higher correlated temperature.

Parting shot

Boasting of 300 lumens per feet, low energy consumption rating, and an implied high color correlate temperature, the warm white LED tape is a gem that can be priced for as little as $39.95 here. To cap it all, the 25000 life hours of the LED tape comes with a two years warranty. A powerful statement on the product quality and longevity.