NOWA: A Classical Timepiece with Smart Features

Backing a crowdfunding project isn’t for the faint-hearted. 480 backers shared the NOWA Paris timepiece dream. As I pen this, they are living the dream.

The Nowa Paris
The NOWA Paris

If you are in for something refreshing that takes a classical timepiece and subtly throws in shades of smart features then look no further than the NOWA Paris. The NOWA Paris stick true to its name. Paying homage to the global center for fashion through the blending of style and technology.

The smartwatch currently retails at $ 199 and $229 USD subject to the model. To sweeten the deal, use the promotion code “SANVADA” before the end of August to enjoy a $ 60 USD discount.

Beast Embalmed in a Beauty

Technologically astute, the NOWA Paris is rewriting the rules of engagement of functionalities and presentation of connected watches. Swimming against the tide of bulky rugged designs of current phone-esque smartwatches that have paid no reverence to the basic tenets of wearable fashion.

The Nowa Paris : unique serial code and interchangeable quick release spring straps. and
The Nowa Paris : unique serial code and interchangeable quick release spring straps.
  • The epitome of ultimate sophistication in its design. The 9.75 mm thick smartwatch boast of a wide range of color shades and strips that you can choose from. I elected to go with the Black Paris. It features a 40 mm bezel. The entire watch is black. From the Italian leather strap to the bezel. If you don’t fancy the black 20 mm strap, you are at liberty to change with the available alternatives interchangeable straps to match your attire.
  • Swiss Quartz movement: a hallmark of a premium product in the world of wrist watches. The movement is powered by a CR2025 battery. The battery is being touted to last for up to eight months. A fact that I can’t confirm or dispute. Yet to clock a month since I received the smartwatch.
  • High-end fabrication material: features a 316L stainless steel case which is brushed and polished. Italian leather strap with Nubuck Sapphire coated glass to give an extra layer of protection against accidental scratches

The Heights of the NOWA Paris

The smart features of the NOWA deserve a special mention. It separates it from classical watches and the current smartwatches features. Crafted with travelers in mind, The NOWA Paris takes pride in an automatic time zone setting feature.

The Nowa Paris
The Nowa Paris

This feature enables the watch to automatically set according to the different geographical time zones that the wearer would be visiting.

To enjoy this feature, you will have to pair your watch with your smartphone. Visit this hyperlink to learn more about the automatic time zone synchronization.

The Nowa does away with the redundant vibration notification features of SMS, emails, and calendars. Leaving only incoming call notification that is presented as a beaming sphere at adjacent to the 12-hour mark.

Other notable smart features include Google Fit and Apple Health integration that keeps tabs of your activities and sleep duration as well as quality.

More than a Crown

To maintain its fashion statement, remote control application of the NOWA have been attached to the crown.  A simple push on the crown during an incoming call will result in the rejection of the call. For selfies lovers, your crown serves as the shutter button as well.  Locate your phone by calling it within the Bluetooth range by double pressing on the crown.

The Not So Cool Aspects

The omission Bluetooth notification connection status on watch in my humble opinion was an oversight. Bearing in mind that alerts would only be possible if the two (watch and phone) are paired within the Bluetooth range.

Marked with a 3 atmospheres rating, Sharper is not a wristwatch meant to be subjected to water conditions such as swimming.

The Proof is in the Pudding

The smartwatch  is a cut above conventional smartwatches. Built on the grounds of a fashion statement that takes pride in the subtle smart feature. It’s truly a work of art judging by its paltry size of 9.75 mm thickness.

NOWA Paris strap collection. Credit Nowa Paris
NOWA Paris strap collection. Credit NOWA Paris

If you are yearning to own a piece, visit the Nowa online store by clicking the below link  Use the promotion code “SANVADA” when purchasing the Nowa to enjoy $ 60 USD discount on either of the models that retails at $ 199 or $229 USD.

The aforesaid promotion runs till the end of August.  Make use of it and share your thoughts on the NOWA Paris with the rest of the world.