The New Superstar of the Entertainment Industry is AI

While it may be for many to believe, count me in as one of them, 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the science fiction film 2001: A Space Odyssey.  The 1968 epic produced and directed by Stanley Kubrick, was a prediction of the relationship human beings would have with technology and the possible consequences that might happen.  Fifty years later, advances in technology continues to evolve in many areas and in this decade has created artificial intelligence as becoming the new superstar of entertainment.


This Decade of Entertainment Belongs to AI

Writer Kamalika Some recently looked at how entertainment in this decade has focused on making artificial intelligence a superstar.  More and more movies that are becoming blockbusters have used AI in some form to achieve this status.  Also, the next time you access your streaming service to watch a blockbuster movie, one might be recommended based on artificial intelligence algorithms that utilizes your personalized preferences.

 Looking into the future, movies could end up being animated by deep learning algorithms, scripts written by AI and actors substituted for robots.  Artificial intelligence algorithms might be used to go through a script while suggesting studios that would buy the rights of a movie.  Today, it is safe to say that artificial intelligence has become the next big thing in entertainment from digital visualization to content consumption. 

Digital streaming platforms and media houses might want to consider utilizing AI to improve the experiences of their customers for better content delivery mechanisms and viewing.  Doing this will allow the entertainment industry to make content accessibility easier for customers through utilizing new artificial intelligence technologies such as voice commands.  Since Hollywood’s creativity has been enhanced through AI, the technology can be used to have Siri or Alexa access Netflix or Amazon Prime and show content you want to watch by simply giving a voice command.

The Entertainment Industry Will be Automated Through AI

While this may sound far-fetched, it makes sense considering how many tasks that were only accomplished by human beings are now being outsourced to machines and artificial intelligence.  Keep in mind that mundane tasks that currently are being accomplished by teams of people can be finished utilizing AI algorithms. 


Algorithms using artificial intelligence can be deployed to master effectively the most advanced visual effects and the smoothest edits.  Currently, AI algorithms are limited to a client base of Disney and blockbusters from Marvel; however, the time will come where the norm will be that artificial intelligence will automate the industry of entertainment.

Advertising Will be Disrupted by AI

Currently, trends involving advertising focus on precision targeting and real-time product placement based on how popular the content is being streamed; AI will soon change how advertisements are seen.  The future will utilize artificial intelligence to make it possible to present product placement and precision-targeted advertisement based on the content that a person is observing; in other words, the ads viewed will be more personalized.

Ads will be created to the individual, where an individual may see their favorite stars endorse products that you follow or like.  Advertisers are hoping for a future where they can utilize AI to focus on an individual with product placements and inline ads that can be tracked so that analyzing can interpret the return on investments made for advertising.


Whatever the future may hold, this decade has seen artificial intelligence become the new superstar of the entertainment industry and the possibilities for the next decade are endless.