Samsung working on Gaming Smartphone

The market for gaming smartphones is steadily developing as brands offer similar high-end specs that a customer would find in any other flagship offering along with the gaming advances. As such, Samsung is rumored to be working on a gaming smartphone dubbed the Galaxy X. other sources claim a bendable phone is to be expected but it could have a different brand name such as the Galaxy F. the only information on this came from a renowned Samsung leaker, who goes by the handle @MMDDJ_ on Twitter.


There were no other specifications of the upcoming smartphone from the brand other than that the upcoming SPen is going to come with Bluetooth functionality and other special features related to the gaming. The expectation is to equip the high refresh rate display in the same way as other gaming smartphones within the market. Considering the past record the tipster has been on the money so the speculation may indeed be true.

Trends in the Gaming Phone Industry

For some time now there have been different smartphone brands that have tried the gaming market. In 2011 Sony came up with Xperia Play that became one of the first gaming devices in this segment. Razer, the gaming equipment producer brought the Razer phone in 2017.

Source: Gizmochina

Then Xiaomi recently launched the black shark gaming phone and Nubia revealed the Red Magic device. There are signs that others are planning to go the same route. That being said, this market is still within its youthful stage as brands are still tentatively venturing into the unknown. The motivations of Samsung in this market are still a bit of a mystery. Gaming smartphones have made a comeback but they may also be expensive to produce as they need high-end screens with fast refresh screens. Samsung does come along with a display arm that may produce the right displays at the right pricing.

Segment Issues within Samsung

As concerns the rumors, there have been deliberations about plans for next year’s Galaxy S10 such as virtual fingerprint sensor, high powered components and much more. There was another report that implied the brand was prepping a custom-made GPU which incidentally would have been a key ingredient in a gaming phone. After launch, the smartphone is going to initiate a new category in the brand’s flagship range that currently entails the Galaxy S and the phablet Galaxy Note Series.

Source: CNET

Demand for the device will probably be underwhelming based on the potentially steep price tag and the use case. Samsung could be looking to consider some of the target niche audiences such as mobile gamers. Thus, there is still a possibility that the foldable phone may actually be the gaming-focused offering from Samsung.

There are no details available on the gaming smartphone as yet but it may possibly come with additional advantages apart from high-end specifications to differentiate from the Galaxy flagship series. This is especially crucial as Samsung has reportedly been having issues with distinguishing between the Galaxy S Plus and the Galaxy Note Models and may try to merge these in the future.