Porsche Reports Order Influx for the Taycan

Porsche has revealed an increasing interest in its all-electric model, now called the Taycan ahead of the unveiling that is to take place next year. Originally known as the Mission E, the Taycan is the first EV offering from the brand. There was some press when its arrival was suggested earlier during the year, but as details on the model stream in, enthusiasm seems to have steadily increased.

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The fascinating thing is most of the market seeking orders for the upcoming car have not seen it. Limited media platforms have had a look at the Mission E, on which the Taycan is supposedly based, though there are often major differences between the production cars and the concepts themselves.

Taycan Architecture

The model sits on a new architecture known as the J1. The Taycan will have 800V charging to future profit it years after it is introduced to the market. Porsche also claimed the fast charging ability will allow the battery to reach 80 percent capacity in 15 minutes. The four seating interior also suggests that it would be more closely aligned when it comes to character with the Panamera than with a Spartan sports offering like the 911.

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However, the floor mounted batteries should give a low center of gravity and allow for good handling compared to other lighter performance offerings. Porsche is also working on giving the Taycan software which will allegedly give over the air updates such as those provided by Tesla in the Model S. These will be significant even for performance tuning.

Porsche Endorses EV Movement

The managing director at Porsche, Alexander Pollich insisted the Taycan will look like the Mission E concept. There have been images of test vehicles though they have been heavily camouflaged so this has yet to be proven. In a statement, Pollich claimed the warm reception towards the new model illustrates how keen the new car market is concerning emissions and EVs. Pollich also admitted to the significance of major rival Tesla, which is the biggest contender in the electric car industry for helping EVs viable and preferable alternatives to gas-powered vehicles.

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He also added that Porsche would be initiating a fast charger network, the same as Tesla for this model and the future EV offerings such as the Mission E Cross Turismo. The market’s endorsement of the Taycan is indeed a signal implying a growing need for hybrids and other vehicles of low emission. Porsche as a carmaker is known for catering to an exclusive customer base, so if even they are feeling the effects of market preference on EVs then it is something to pay attention to.

In this regard concerning the changing landscape, Porsche has partnered with the BMW Group, Ford, and Daimler in a scheme to create a high powered charging network in Europe known as Ionity. It will be used by all of their EV models. The auto brands have also pledged to install 400 chargers across Europe within the next two years and the scheme is expected to work in a way that the unique Supercharger network does at the present.