McLaren to go Fully EV by 2025

Supercar platform McLaren Automotive has revealed that it will reveal 18 new models within the next seven years. In accordance with the trend toward EV and hybrid, the lineup by the end of seven years will allegedly be electric so hybrid alternatives will be provided solely or as options during the release of these models.

Source: Muscle Cars Zone

The system which has been dubbed, the Track25 plan is an updated iteration of the Track22 project that has a roadmap for future production and technology that is going to see the launch of the 18 models. McLaren is also apparently going to investigate augmented driving features and the development of a lighter and more efficient charging high power battery module that will be effective for performance applications that call for 30 minutes of range on a race track.

Track25 Details

The schedule for the model is going to form part of the 1.2 billion euro investment within the coming models that is going to increase the production rate to over 75% above the current situation. This will also see the supercar brand produce about 6000 vehicles every year by the year 2025. All of these vehicles are to be assembled by hand at the production center in the United Kingdom. Mike Flewitt, the chief executive officer stated that every individual at the firm remains constant within their focus for crafting and design of the world’s best driving cars. He also claimed the Track25 model was true to McLaren’s spirit as their ambitions are growing considering the initiation of 18 model release within the next seven years, including the successor for the McLaren P1.


McLaren debuted the world’s first petrol-electric hybrid hyper-car five years ago when it launched the McLaren P1TM. Presently they intend to unleash the one to follow it as part of the Track25 model. McLaren also illustrated the 600 LT at the Goodwood which happens to be longer than the 570S and comes available with a large carbon fiber rear wing for the purposes of down-force. The 600 LT has been made to compete with the 911 GT3 RS, the Ferrari 488 Pista and the Huracan Performante.

McLaren to consider Battery System to Solve Performance Issues

Now for a supercar brand, performance in the vehicles is key. Achieving this with battery power for a fully electric car can be challenging. An EV from the company would have to give a range of 186 miles and have the ability to do at least 30 minutes of track-oriented driving or 10 laps at the Nardo which is a high-speed test track without the need to recharge.

Source: Autocar

In order to move past the performance requirements, the company is probably going to rely on solid-state batteries. The current lithium-ion battery is allegedly a compromise and does not give the desired range and power. The solid state batteries, on the other hand, would reduce the weight and take the power density upwards which is what McLaren badly require. The vehicles will also feature advanced cyber protection and enhanced vehicle tracking features with over the air software updates, thus allowing others to gain advantage from new attributes without the need to spend a lot of time at the retailers.