Review: Victagen 18650 Li-Ion Battery and Battery Charger

Victagen charger and Li-ion Battery

My life literary runs on battery. From night-shift field patrols with spotlights to ensuring my nephew flying bat toy is in the air flapping virtually at all times. For austerity measures, I got Victagen battery charger.

The idea was to kill two birds with one stone. First, ensure that the flying bat two has a constant supply of undiminished energy reserve and two it saves on the cost of purchasing batteries every now and then.

Victagen charger
Victagen charger

Inside the box

Inside the box (which I have to admit looks presentable-white and blue markings) comes along a pair of 18650 lithium-ion batteries of 3200mAh. Both have the inscription Victagen. To sweeten the deal there is a USB cable and finally a user manual.

Victagen Charger and Battery Features Description

  • Two adjustable independent charging bay slots that allow for simultaneously recharging of batteries of different sizes
  • LED diodes that communicate the progress and the battery charging capacity.
  • Intelligent power controlled by the microcontroller unit (MCU). This ensures safety and efficiency of the charging unit by automatically matching battery type with the appropriate charging voltage.
  • Safety measures features include overcharging prevention, short-circuit prevention, and reverse polarity protection.
  • Mode control dial to shift between 1A current charge and the reduced .5 A current charge.

Theory Meets Praxis

The Victagen product promises a lot. Unfortunately, due to the lack of standard tools to verify some of those claims, this review is bound to be limited. On securing the provided Li-ion battery on the charging bay, you will be greeted with flashing blue lights adjacent to markings indicating battery power in percentage.

Victagen in-built LCD-esque to communicate charging progress
Victagen in-built LCD-esque to communicate charging progress

Batteries aren’t securely affixed in the charging bay thus you need to be cautious when moving around the device while it’s charging from the mains.

The 3200 mAh capacity was not scientifically verified. Nevertheless, the battery juice proves to be a miracle for the bat toy of my nephew. The bat toy which was airborne in the wee hours of the morning is still hovering late in the night.

The USB output port perfectly powered my Galaxy Samsung.Check out the video below. Ensure that the battery is on the left port to use the charger as a battery bank. The user manual stress on the foregoing point.


The charger doesn’t come with an AC charger adapter. It’s a costly omission which will curtail the use of wall outlets to recharge drained out batteries.

Final Call

Other than that (at least on the practical aspect) the Victagen charger and battery look like a real bargain at $ 18.97 USD from Amazon. The Victagen charger comes with 30 days money back guarantee as well as one year warranty.   With such indemnity in place, you have nothing to lose by placing your order at Amazon and share your thoughts with the rest of the world.