Surprising Companies That Are Working on Cutting-Edge AI Tech

Though there is a growing concern over how many human jobs are being lost to automation,  others can consider themselves fortunate if one has experience or studying in business intelligence, machine learning, data science or any other field which is related to artificial intelligence.  Individuals who can utilize these skills should keep in mind that there are a surprising number of companies that are focusing on developing cutting-edge technology in AI.

Turning Skills in AI into Job Security

Writer Ben Dickson for The Next Web (TNW) website took a look at surprising companies which are focused on cutting-edge technology that involves artificial intelligence.  Considering that machines continue to take away jobs that previously were done by humans, it seems logical that a new skill-set is needed to stand out from the crowd.

Now more than ever, companies are eager to acquire workers who have talent in utilizing AI and positions are growing at an accelerated pace.  According to the search employment platform known as Indeed, job posting that are related to artificial intelligence during the past three years have doubled.

Dr. Andrew Chamberlain is the Chief Economist at Glassdoor, which happens to be a prominent website for employment opportunities, said that “when it comes to the future of work, artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are poised to impact nearly every facet of the workforce in some way.  These technologies are being used for popular services like customer service chat-bots at Bank of America, easy-to-search images on Facebook, and even automated fashion suggestions for apparel shoppers on Amazon.”

Companies Looking to Develop Game-Changing AI Technology

There are many companies that feel that artificial intelligence technology will help make their company stand out from the competition.  Since the technology can be applied to a variety of fields, here are examples of a company and the field they hope to excel in.


Science Fiction stories and movies portray a world where human drivers will be replaced for AI algorithms; naturally, Volkswagen is hoping to be a leader when it comes to self-driving cars.  Considering that the industry is hoping to resolve any glitches with the technology within the next few years, they need to employ talented experts in artificial intelligence to make the vehicles work properly. 

Volkswagen has demonstrated their willingness to be successful by making a number of key moves, such as partnering up in 2017 with graphics chip-maker Nvidia.  Another move the company made was becoming partners with autonomous car startup Aurora earlier this year; the reason being was to accelerate the building up of their self-driving vehicles.

Computer vision is a subset of artificial intelligence that assists computers in analyzing the content of video and images while distinguishing different objects.  This is a part of AI-powered technologies that is important and can be utilized with banking, autonomous cars, healthcare, security cameras, social media and more; one company that is actively developing this type of technology is Japanese electronics manufacturer Panasonic.

Panasonic is currently working on a variety of intriguing computer vision projects.  The first focuses on autonomous cars by working on improving better detection of pedestrians.  Another project being worked on is inspections of dams to be automatically performed by analyzing highly detailed images.


AI algorithms are said to perform at its best where there are large amounts of quality information; the financial industry is a good example of this as well as accessing structured and historical data.  Since banking is another example of where artificial intelligence technology can be used productively, JPMorgan Chase is both the largest bank within the US and among the leading financial institutions that employs AI algorithms and technology in a variety of fields.

Recently, they employed the former head of Carnegie Melon University’s Machine Learning Department, Manuela Veloso and their budget for tech in 2018 reached ten billion dollars; artificial intelligence will become a good part of where the money will be going.  Co-Chief Operating Officer and Co-President Daniel Pinto commented in April in a letter to shareholders that “looking five to 10 years out, the pace of technological innovation will only quicken as artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning, distributed ledgers and big data will all shape our future.”