Nissan Joins the List of Automakers caught in Emissions Scandals

Nissan has joined the increasing list of manufacturers who have admitted to the falsification of fuel economy figures. It stated it uncovered the falsified data from car exhaust emission tests carried out at several plants based in Japan currently. Apparently, the inspection tests were based according to altered measurement values.

Source: BBC

The proactive comprehensive compliance checks on different departments have also been due to revealed non-conformities within the inspection process of its vehicles.

Details on the Scandal

Nissan did admit that the said tests on emissions had deviated from the prescribed testing settings. The main findings from the investigations thus far are related to the falsification of the performance of emissions from the exhausts and fuel economy tests. There was also the creation of inspection results according to measurement values that were altered. The results thus far have been reported to the Japanese ministry of land and tourism and Nissan retained Asahi and Nishimura law firms to undertake comprehensive investigations on all related internal activities.

Source: Breitbart

Nissan did not claim how many of the vehicles were affected by the falsifications though it did state that all of its vehicles with the exception of its sport flagship GT-R, conform to the road safety standards. It also promised to proceed with the comprehensive checks of the frameworks and processes that it has on regulatory compliance presently.

The only promise it gave upon investigation of further issues was that appropriate measures would be taken. In a statement that was issued on Monday, Nissan claimed that it understood and regretted the inconvenience and concern caused to the stakeholders. The company shares allegedly dropped by 5 percent on Monday after Nissan informed the investors that it would be claiming a development on the issues of quality.

Nissan Adds Fuel to the Fire

This scandal has been revealed after the recent announcement that vehicle inspections had been done by technicians that were uncertified during the previous year. That led to a recall of about 1.2 million vehicles. By no means is Nissan the first automaker to have been caught in an emissions scandal. After, Volkswagen’s Dieselgate, General Motors, Mitsubishi and Suzuki were all caught up in various emissions test issues. In each case, there were several effects on the purchase of their vehicles or in Volkswagen’s case the fuel that was used, not to mention the millions of recalls that were affected as a result.

Source: Forbes

Other brands also adjusted to the unpopularity caused within the market. For the time being it seems that Mazda is one of the few corporations that have avoided emissions scandals. As such, no one needs to reiterate how serious the issue is to Nissan.

The increasing number of brands being embroiled in these emissions issues though creates the impression that every petrol based car manufacture is putting more fumes into the atmosphere than they are letting on which leads to the argument for hybrids and EVs. The current estimation is a ban on petrol and diesel powertrains within the next twenty years in most countries in Europe, though if the current trend keeps happening, the ban could come much sooner than expected.