What’s New in iOS 12 Beta 2

Hey everyone. If you’re part of Apple’s public beta program, it’s time to download ios 12 beta 2 now! Since public beta 3 was released to developers on Tuesday, the OTA update for beta 2 is now available to the public (those of us who refuse to pay $100/year to test glitches).

To download iOS 12 beta 2, just go to the Settings app and select General > Software Update. Select Download & Install and let the update do its thing. Just make sure you’ve got a full battery on your device or are plugged in before you start.

Source: Forbes

You can also opt to have updates automatically downloaded to your device using the Automatic Download setting. Warning: It’s a fantastic new feature for those that are installing stable iOS builds, but for those of us that are testing betas it could potentially break our devices.

What’s been fixed in iOS 12 beta 2

There was quite a bit reported by developers in beta 1, which is always expected for a first build, so let’s see what was addressed in beta 2:

  • Airpods now pause playback when one is removed, as expected.
  • Screen Time is still buggy, but slightly less so, with parental permissions behaving themselves. There are still a lot of unexpected behaviors around monitored devices, so don’t be surprised if they don’t work as expected.
  • Siri shortcuts are now saveable!
  • Carplay can connect again to enabled devices.
  • Spam calls and SMS messages no longer display a blacked out message.
  • Third party app issues with Twitter, Skype, and Taobao have been resolved.
  • The Weather widget is back!
  • Enabling a SIM PIN on your device won’t cause it to lose cell service.
  • Siri again recognizes when it’s being activated in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean with “Hey Siri.”
Source: BGR

Although a lot has been fixed in beta 2, there are still quite a few bugs to watch out for. Here’s a shortlist of what’s still not working quite right:

  • Voice Memos won’t sync to iTunes.
  • Netflix may suddenly stop downloading videos.
  • Group FaceTime calls cannot be initiated between Public Beta 1 and Public Beta 2 devices.
  • Route maps for workouts might not be available.
  • Wallet might crash unexpectedly.
  • In the Calendar app, events might appear on an unexpected date when in Day view.
  • Several issues are present involving Facetime, your phone number not displaying properly is the most minor of these.
  • Screen Time data may not sync across your iOS devices.
  • Wi-Fi calls that switch over to the T Mobile network may drop unexpectedly.

We can most likely expect beta 3 to hit the public level sometime next week. This trend will probably continue through July and into August, which is when developers will start working on more bug fixes instead of features.

Have fun playing around with the new beta. As always, backup your devices!