Summer Product Review: Sharper Image Three-In-One Bluetooth Devices

Previously, I have done a product review on Beats Solo 2 Headphones and the Boom Touch Wireless Speakers.  Considering how I talked about headphones and wireless speakers from different brands, this review focuses on a Bluetooth headphone, speaker and earbuds not only by the same company but at an affordable price with the opportunity to purchase them at the same time!  Without further delay, I present to you Sharper Image’s three-in-one Bluetooth wireless headphones, portable speaker and earbuds set.


Welcome to the Sharper Image Brand

When shopping for audio electronics, there are a variety of ways that a customer determines the best product to purchase, such as the price, how recent it is and the company that made it.  Usually, customers prefer purchasing items from a company that has been around for a while and has built a solid reputation of selling quality products while at affordable prices; this is where the Sharper Image steps up to the plate.

Those who are unfamiliar with the Sharper Image, it is known for selling high-tech lifestyle products, consumer home electronics gifts and air purifiers through third-party retailers, catalogs and their website.  The company was founded back in 1977, which means the American brand has been selling products for over four decades.

Three-in-one Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speaker, Headphones and Ear Buds

Since the company has a long reputation for selling quality products, it is worth looking to see what the products are priced at and where they can be purchased.  However, it is first important to quickly break down each device to see if it is worth making the investment.  One thing I would like to mention is that I have the three-in-one products and will be describing each device based on how they are being described on different websites as well as my overall experience with them.


The first device is the wireless Bluetooth portable speaker.  Though it may be smaller than other speakers out there, the sound quality is good and can easily be transported to other locations. 

Those who get frustrated with pairing a device should have no difficulty here as I followed the simple directions and Bluetooth connectivity was achieved in a matter of seconds.  Once paired, the speaker will automatically re-establish connection when powering up and has a range of roughly thirty feet. 

The second device is the wireless Bluetooth on-ear headphones.  Just like the speaker, the headphones can easily connect through Bluetooth utilizing the simple instructions and comes with a 3.5 auxiliary cable if wishing to use a wired connection.

The sound quality is good and fits comfortably as it can be easily adjusted.  The Bluetooth range is roughly thirty feet and has other features that includes volume controls, play/pause track, skipping to next or previous song and the ability to answer or end a phone call.

The last device is the wireless Bluetooth ear buds.  The easy-to-follow-directions allows pairing to occur in a matter of seconds, has a range of roughly thirty feet and will re-establish Bluetooth connectivity each time when powering on the ear buds; they fit comfortably and come with extra tips when needed.

Utilizing the controls allows the user to control volume, skipping or going back to previous track, play/pause the song playing and the in-line microphone allows for answering or ending a phone call.  Just like the other devices, the quality of the sound is good.


Overall, each device on its own is worth purchasing, let alone getting them in a three-in-one deal.  The questions then become where you can acquire them and what is the purchasing price.  HSN has on their website the three-pack as going for $39.95 plus $5.50 for shipping and handling.  Unfortunately, the website has it listed in being sold out, however, they are known for bringing back sold out items at a later time, so it is worth keeping an eye out for its return.

The good news is that currently, the three-pack can be acquired on the poshmark website and while originally priced at $100, it is listed as going for $25!  Obviously, this offer and supplies won’t last forever, so if interested in purchasing this it would be a good idea to head over to the website as soon as possible.