Tesla to Release Version 9 Software Updates to Autonomous Systems

Tesla, CEO Elon Musk has announced the next major software update, dubbed the version 9.0 is set to be released in august and will entail the next autonomous driving features for the autopilot 2.0 vehicles. The current semi-autonomous attributes handle things like auto steer and keeping within one’s lane, as well as braking and acceleration so long as there is a chaperone with their hands on the wheel. This most recent announcement came as a response to one of his followers on Twitter who asked about the improvements to expect with the driver assists, lane merging abilities.

Source: Heavy.com

Musk claimed the latest version of autopilot already had enhancements to the lane keeping features of the electric car. Though the V9 software, according to the CEO would also include the introduction of the first FSD attributes. In an earlier post he expressed the frustrations concerning the achievement of optimal balance between complacency of the driver and driver annoyance designed for the improvement of safety.

Version 9 Software Features

The Full self-driving suite will be offered as a $3,000 upgrade to the vehicles above the $5,000 cost for enhanced autopilot that should follow the next iterations. Tesla utilizes an array of 12 ultrasonic sensors and forward facing radar so as to map and detect obstructions on the road. There are also 8 camera sensors positioned around the vehicle for this purpose. The hardware is then paired with the vehicle’s vision and neural net system that allows the vehicles within the fleet of the gradually learn and improve according to the software trained from the billions of miles of road data which are collected from the vehicles themselves.

Source: Greentech Media

Though the company claims the second generation of Autopilot hardware in the Model X, S and the entire Model 3 lineup has full self-driving when ready, the software has progressed at a more deliberate rate since the version 8 debuted in 2016. Actually the version 9 was expected much earlier though delays in the development of the autopilot abilities caused the delay of the FSD launch, as well.

Tesla to Make Good on Promises

Tesla had mostly been focused on safety especially on the development of the Autopilot systems. At the present, it seems like they are going to place some resources on the new attributes and this could cause a stir within the market. Hopefully the version 9 will come with new attributes that are not related to Autopilot. Elon Musk had promised a slew of new things to Tesla owners on Twitter. As such, it would be great to see some of these things being released in the version 9 of the autopilot software.

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The claims by version 9 definitely instill hope on the potential for a fully autonomous feature but these promises have been made before. The past enhanced Autopilot rolling update was an improvement on the auto steering, lane changing and warning notifications. As such technology is looking to become more customer-centric by assessing the fitness of the user through sensors for fatigue and drowsiness. Hopefully this time the version 9 will allow for an un-chaperoned experience as they have managed to do everything else on the periphery.