How To Send Self-Destructing Emails On Gmail

Google is known for the quick and great updates for its products once in a shot. They work in a different way to make things easier for the user and understand how the users like to work with the things. Especially, the G Suite has made all our lives better in a way. So, as you can see about the bragging, Google has revamped and updated its Gmail service giving it a rather smooth and materialistic look.

It helps in giving more features considering the high context in privacy and greater controls to the sender of the email. More than that, it moreover provides the users with a new Confidential Mode. The thing about the Confidential Mode is that it helps the sender to send the email with an expiry date so that it can self-destruct. However, many of the professionals and users have complained and criticized this feature. Saving those comments for the later, let’s start with how to send those self-destructing emails with the help of Confidential Mode.

So, how does Confidential Mode work?

In the Gmail’s new interface for PC which is completely revamped and made certain developments, the Confidential Mode is available. Sadly, this feature is yet to be released to the apps for Android and iOS. In this mode, you can protect your sensitive emails by having set a passcode for that specific email and send it. The email you have sent via this mode cannot be forwarded and will be deleted upon setting an expiration date for it. Also, the recipients won’t be able to download, copy or paste, or print the physical file you have attached. Even though it follows the above mentioned, the recipient can still take a screenshot of the email that you have sent.

How to enable Gmail’s new interface?

Google did not roll the new update all of a sudden to all the users. It is up to you if you want to use the revamped version of it. If you still get the old interface for your Gmail upon logging into it on the PC, you will have to follow below steps to enable the new interface.

  • First, open your Gmail on your PC.
  • Click on the Settings icon in the top right corner and click on the Try New Gmail button in there.

    Source: Sanvada
  • You will now be taken to the new Gmail interface. It will take some time to load though.

    Source: Sanvada
  • If you don’t like the new interface, you can always go back to the older one by following the same process and clicking switch to Classic View.

How to send Email in Confidential Mode?

After you have switched to the new revamped version of Gmail, follow the below procedure.

  • Click on Compose and then in the bottom right corner, and select Turn on confidential mode by clicking on the timer icon which is present beside the Send and Attachment

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  • After selecting confidential mode, set an expiration date after which you want the email you sent to be self-destructed. The recipient inbox will not be having the email you sent after expiry. Also, you’ll be asked to set a passcode and the recipient will not be able to download the attachments as well.

    Source: Sanvada

Here’s more about setting the passcode

If you select No SMS passcode, the recipient will be able to open your email without any passcode. If you set a passcode and select SMS passcode, the passcode will be sent to the phone number you entered. So, you will have to enter the recipient’s phone number.

Now getting back to the experts’ sayings, the confidential mode can as well be misused as great that it can be used. They say that it can be a breakthrough for the stalkers to abuse you and feel safe about the email getting deleted. However, when someone sends you confidential email, the timestamp, subject, and sender details will be saved in the recipient’s inbox and stays. So, if someone wants to report abuse or harassment, you can as well take a screenshot of the contents and report it along with these details. Moreover, you can always block a sender or report it to Google to take further action.

So, this is how you can enable the confidential mode. We hope you use it wisely and for professional uses.