Asus Launches Its High-End ROG Gaming Phone

Asus has launched the ROG Phone this week which is apparently a gaming device with a vapor chamber cooling system. Now it is not especially known for its high end mobile devices. They usually just skirt the mid-range and have tried to bring value to the client at a lower price at least. On the other hand, the Republic of Gamers from the brand is their high end division for laptops and accessories such as gaming headsets and mice. The ROG phone allows Asus to bring these elements to android.

Source: SlashGear

Asus ROG Phone Specs

As such, the Asus ROG mobile device is going to be the fourth in a new generation of android smartphones meant for gaming. In all likelihood it will be compared a lot to the Nintendo Switch. As such, hardware plays a significant role in the launch starting with a Snapdragon 420 paired with 2GB RAM. When combined with 720 p resolution screen, it should make for average graphics, though a lot of high end phones have specs that are nearly the same.

Source: CNET

Asus opted for a middle level between the rates of most smartphones and a 120 Hz of the Razer phone in order to get a 1 ms pixel response as promised. These have then required a cooling system in order to prevent incidents on the scale of the Note 7. The phone also has a 90Hz AMOLED display that loses to the Razer in terms of raw speed but beats them when it comes to quality.

The back of the device similarly looks aggressive with a glowing ROG logo stamped in the center and surrounded by sharp edges as well as, exhaust windows. It definitely has the trappings of a gamer phone and matches to the rest of the ROG lineup. The rear cameras are dual 12 and 8 megapixel sensors and come available with AR allowances. Asus has yet to elaborate on these elements though.

Accessing the Mobile Gaming Market

The Asus ROG is clearly the most ambitious attempt at building a gaming phone from the brand considering the built in shoulder triggers, advanced cooling systems and charging ports. Considering the PC and console market, gaming has become very significant for Asus and so it is not hard to see why they almost did overkill on this model. While the previous handsets such as the Xperia Play struggled to define their identity gaming, the ROG phone comes out with it at the first try. It takes advantage of the recent advances being made in mobile gaming and smartphones which have changed the theme.


The combination of portable, faster and more powerful hardware on phones has meant the old limits in mobile gaming do not apply anymore. Considering games have been freed from the console and the PC people are drifting more towards the mobile platforms and so the Asus ROG was built specifically for this portion of the market.  The pricing and availability of the handset and accessories has yet to be revealed though it probably is not going to be cheap. The ROG line traditionally has been the top of the range for Asus and there is a high likelihood the price tag will reflect it.