Nissan to Ditch Diesel Engine Production for Passenger Vehicles

Diesel has suffered another blow as Nissan has revealed it will no longer develop or sell diesel powered passenger cars in Japan. The interesting thing is the company has also revealed a wider effort to end development and distribution of diesel powered vehicles on the global market.

Source: Sunday Times Driving

Other manufacturers including Porsche and VW have revealed plans to ditch diesel but this has so far been restricted to the European market as it is the base of emission regulations that tightened the noose on diesel engine production in any case. This move by Nissan reveals a motivated campaign to phase out oil burning engines from its lineup and embrace EVs within the near future. For the meantime, the company will however offer diesel options for the commercial vehicles provided by its partners in the Renault and Mitsubishi alliance.

Nissan to Influence Alliance

That being said, the decision has also encouraged the same mood in Renault, which has also revealed plans to end their production of diesel engines as well. Such a move by the two automakers would affect Mitsubishi and other partners. At the same time, the Dacia is going to be forced to drop their diesel line up as well. However with previous claims implying the possibility of electric vehicles being made by the Romanian brand, it would appear that Dacia could have anticipated a diesel free future for some time.

The great news is they will not have to search far for this new technology considering they will continue to support the alliance. Nissan is claimed to be the latest in a string of departures from diesel meaning they were influenced both by the regulations and by the decisions made by other car makers in reading the terrain. They have in turn caused a cascade of decision making from Renault and soon Mitsubishi should follow on the same path.

EV and Autonomous Driving Beckons

There are claims that there has been a steady move from diesel in the previous years but it would seem most of the announcements are coming this year. True the emission scandal from VW was a wakeup call, but it would be naïve to believe the emissions are at the heart of the decisions being made by Fiat, Volvo, VW, Porsche and now Nissan. The market is responding more to EVs and hybrids than it ever did which is probably the result of the EUs propaganda on emissions as well as, the rise of an eco-conscious market with buying power.

Source: This is Money

The auto industry is very much aware of this and is preparing their lineup to become more EV than petrol in the next year or so. As such, reports indicate that Nissan and other carmakers will have 50 percent of their vehicles based on electric powertrains within the next decade. Then there is the race toward achieving sustainable autonomous setups in the future vehicles.

The estimate is within the next two years for most auto makers and this goes hand in hand with an EV powertrain. The new platforms will usher in a new era in automotive history hence the rush to solidify market share as quickly as possible because this will determine the next auto industry giants.