E3 2018 is A Mixture of Old and New

This year’s PC Gaming presentation at E3 is going to include premier game announcements and teasers from the likes of Square Enix, Double Fine Productions and much more. They will share enticing reveals with PC gaming fans on the 11th of June at 3pm at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles.

Source: Nintendo Enthusiast

Some of the platform holders like Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony do not have much to do when it comes to advertising because people apparently know what they are coming for which is mostly first party games. On the other hand, the PC world is inherently decentralized and that would mean it needs more of a push.

What to Expect

This will be interesting for the likes of Square Enix considering the last time the publisher did a press conference for its wares was 2015. While this time it may not be doing a traditional stage event, there is quite a bit to talk about especially with the ‘Shadow of the Tomb Raider’. Some of the newly announced list of corporations that will share their enticing reveals with PC gaming fans include Crytek, Starbreeze, Digital Extremes, Cloud Imperium Games and much more.

Source: Windows Central

The previous sponsors at E3 and gaming forms include Oculus Rift, Tripwire Interactive, Coffee Stain Studios and Chance Agency. As such, gamers will be able to attend the event in person or watch it on Twitch TV. The show will also be available on its homepage as part of the ‘E3 Day Zero’ programming. At the same time, E3 is also going to be broadcasting on platforms such as Facebook Live, Stream’s front page and YouTube Gaming.

Introductions from Square Enix, Bethesda and Sony at E3

As stated before, Square Enix which has not been in the public limelight for some time will have a lot to talk about include Lara Croft’s origin story. Though Tom Raider and the sequel, the Rise of the Tomb Raider were based on survival, this time the main character is going to track down the organization known as Trinity.as such, the story seems to focus on Lara’s gradual descent into violence and the cost of her actions. Square Enix also has something to say about Kingdom Hearts 3 which was originally announced at the 2013 iteration of E3. It is due to be launched sometime during the year so it would be a good bet that the release date is announced.

Source: Polygon

Aside from Square Enix there are several other games which will be revealed according to rumor. Star Fox, for example will not be a typical space shooting game but a racer, grand prix sort of affair. Bethesda will allegedly also release Star-field, a role playing game that has been in the works for some-time now. Sony on the other hand has also made it clear this year’s conference will not be the traditional mode. It will focus on four previously announced titles like the Ghost of Tsushima, Marvel’s Spider-man and Death Stranding. This year’s E3 will clearly be a mixture of some long expected titles and the introduction of new ones to the gaming universe.