Porsche Debuts Augmented Reality Tool At Its Dealerships

Augmented reality technology is assisting technicians from Porsche to diagnose and repair vehicles which are coming in for service Named as the Porsche Tech Live Look, the system, started as a pilot initiative in the past year and is now being deployed to over 189 locations in the United States in order to shorten the repair times though it is currently being expanded on a broader basis after Porsche found it can significantly improve the efficiency of the service.

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Porsche apparently started launching several pilot programs in 2017. These were successful so the program went live in three of the dealerships. Now with the internet connected smart-glasses, the technicians are now able to search for technical documents and if needed, consult with experts on the brand while doing repairs on the vehicle to reduce the service times which has been proven to a level of 40%.

Porsche delves into AR

Tech Live Look assembles eye-wear and augmented reality software in order for remote experts to see what the service technician is seeing and give their own feedback while the technician works hands free. Some of the components for this would include the Osterhout Design Group or ODG, R-7 smart-glasses and the AiR Enterprises software platform from Atheer Incorporated. At the present, the consultancies are done via a combination of phone calls, on site visits with Porsche engineers and local service technicians as well as several emails in order to diagnose and slowly fix specific problems.

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With Tech Live Look, they will be able to do all these hands free and live streaming to the technicians or other needed personnel in the network without having to organize on site visits which takes time out of everyone’s schedule. According to Klaus Zellmer, the chief executive of Porsche’s North American division, the platform is the sort of digital innovation that Porsche values as it increases the quality of the customer experience. Through getting issues solved faster, the dealers will be able to faster process customer complaints.

Of course the owners may never get to see the technology actually being used though they will benefit from it as their vehicles are going to spend less time on average within the service bay. It is also not limited to a particular model or year. The technicians will be able to request step by step instructions for a new 989 generation Boxster or even a 912 from the 70s generation.

Auto industry and Augmented Reality

The auto industry has been experimenting with augmented reality tech support for some time now especially since dealerships consume a lot of time getting consultants and mechanics to solve client problems. Analysts are claiming that Tech Live Look is the first of its kind at that level in Us Auto repair.

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In fact, it won the Best-in-Class Award from the annual Field service American conference on the improvement of efficiency in field teams across industries. Rightly so, we should expect other companies to follow Porsche’s lead in this regard. Reduction of service time should be one of the best motivators for companies looking to improve their customer experience especially in this age of client oriented products.