Nissan Unveils Pitch-R Robot at Champions League Final

Nissan has unveiled the Pitch-R at the recently concluded Champion’s League Final in Kiev. The Pitch-R can draw football pitches where there is sufficient room to do so using the brand’s ProPilot driver assistance tech. the small robot runs on a rechargeable battery and four cameras, GPS location tracking and collision avoidance in order to draw lines on the material available for a soccer pitch including grass, gravel and tarmac.


The paint the Pitch-R uses is dis-solvable and is not harmful to the environment, allegedly which makes the creation of such fields guilt free and a lot of fun.

Pitch-R Capitalizes on Nostalgia

Apparently, the move by Nissan was a nostalgic grassroots campaign to show how things started out at such a star studded event. According Nissan’s corporate vice president for marketing, Roel De Vries, all of the star players at the UEFA Champions League started out like every kid. That implies they used jumpers for goalposts and chalk to mark the parameters of the field anywhere they would be able to find the space to play the game.

Source: Pocket-lint

Jean Pierre Diernaz, the vice president for marketing added, it is the passion which inspired the design and engineering team at Nissan to come up with the Pitch-R. it brings the best of the brand’s technology into an innovation which could benefit football at the grassroots, engaging young fans and at large events such as the Champions League. The application of this technology though is going to be a bit tricky as may only be used at the sponsored events. As such there is not a lot of hope the Pitch-R is going to be sold commercially. This seems like more of an attempt to further Nissan’s automation technology.

Expanding the Horizons of Nissan Autonomous Platforms

After all, it is inspired by Nissan’s Pro-Pilot driver assistance technology. It can move using its artificial intelligence and assess the environment in real time, scanning for an adequate place to draw a pitch. It skills include being able to navigate obstacles and draw on surfaces that are uneven. Nissan claims the robot can take less than 20 minutes to draw a pitch for a five or even eleven-a-side team game.

All of these accolades point to the development of a consciousness within Nissan’s technology that will later be utilized in the self-driving offerings that will hit the market by the year 2020. Basically Nissan is practicing and developing its technology so that its offerings will be ready for autonomous driving within the next year and a half.

The diversification away from the auto industry is also a sign it would like to take its self-driving tech to new heights within different fields. The Pitch R is just the beginning of autonomous projects meant to maximize the brands market share on this subject. The same has been done with other brands including Toyota which recently considered the expansion of their hydrogen fuel cell projects.

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Nissan has also expanded their EV options to include the home. This could lead to a connected network from the home to the car and other aspects in the near future.