Ubisoft Rolls Out Sam, AI Gaming Assistant

Ubisoft recently went live with its personal AI gaming assistant dubbed ‘Sam’. After a soft launch in Canada, the artificial assistant launched worldwide for Ubisoft Club members through the mobile application following reports the chatbot was performing quite well. Designed to improve the gaming experience on a personalized level, it was inspired by a one off hackathon with Ubisoft employees.

Source: Bleeding Cool

The artificial assist is able to log one’s progress in any of Ubisoft’s games that one has purchased and relays in game statistics in real time or offering tips and hints for the purposes of processing difficult sections. It will even be able to update the user on the weather or other dynamic systems in game, thus acting like Alexa from the avatar.

Ubisoft AI Features

Named after Splinter Cell initiator, Sam Fisher, Ubisoft’s AI is able to answer a wide range of queries. The bot is currently only linked to Rainbow Six: Siege when it comes to personal recommendations. Though the artificial assistant’s basic knowledge on the rest of the publisher’s catalogue is to let the users ask simple questions about the launch dates and the trailer requests. Sam is a chat-bot which is going to assist the players with all types of things from completing difficult missions to getting information about the different characters.

Source: Pocket-lint

Ubisoft is not the only one which has been thinking along such lines. Bethesda has also been testing out virtual reality technology it would seem. The other primary task of the chatbot would be to follow the real time statistics of the player and monitor their progress. Players then will have the ability to ask it all sorts of information concerning the number of missions they have to complete the game or their performance trend over the number of games they have done so far.

It can also be used to ask for tips or pointers, such as quests where the players would need to find a secret room. According to Charles Huteau, a creative director at Ubisoft and GamesBeat, the studio worked on Sam over the course of a year. The team included natural language processing through means of Google Cloud Technology.

Deeper Personalization Strategy

Ubisoft claimed it wanted to find a way in which it could give its data back to the players but illustrate it in a meaningful manner in order to enhance the game play. It also stated that its research shows players are increasingly looking for answers to a number of subjects concerning games such as the general information and even release dates.

Source: Bleeding Cool

With Sam in the picture, it is hoping to offer something which is accessible so the players would be able to spend a lesser amount of time searching and more time playing. It seems to be part of a wider strategy by Ubisoft in order to shift the focus away from the annual release model and towards the improvement of the player services. After all, it would only assist when playing Ubisoft licensed games though for anyone sitting down with Far Cry 5, For Honor and Assassin’s Creed Origins, Sam could prove to be invaluable as an assistant when progressing in the game.