Logitech Reveals the G305; No Lag, Wireless Gaming Mouse

Logitech’s low latency Light-speed tech had originally been the preserve of well heeled gamers when it was first revealed to the public in June, but it’s a different story later on.

Logitech has since unleashed the G305 which is a Lights-peed equipped mouse costing $60 at a much justifiable price compared to the G603 and the G703.

Source: AnandTech

A person is not going to get a particularly exotic design but they will not have to compromise on lag because they are using a mouse that would be considered mid-level quality.

Light-Speed Tech Developments

The technologies powering the G305 include the proprietary Light-speed wireless and their new HERO (High Efficiency Rated Optical) sensor. HERO is Logitech’s follow up to the incredibly popular PMW3366 sensor and these are versions that dominate the world of gaming mice. This though should be enough to catch the interests of gamers though it underwent a lot of in-house development, which resulted in a sensor that is not only accurate but gives up to ten times the power efficiency.

These technologies are poised to lead the Logitech peripherals into the future for good reason this is because both of them can change the landscape for wireless gaming peripherals and with the G305 there is the factor of economical use.

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As such, Light-speed wireless is promising no compromises as a wireless solution which eliminates the difference between wired and wireless gaming mice hardware. Actually the materials that Logitech sent in order to indicate they have bench-marked lights-peed at double the responsiveness of some wired mice.

Logitech G305 Features

The Logitech G305 comes available with resolution at 100-12,000 DPI and the maximum speed is 400 IPS while the USB data format is 16 bits/ axis. It utilizes battery life as well though how long it lasts all depends on how much one values that all-out performance. At full go, one can expect at least 250 hours of continuous input with an AA battery. If you are willing to dial back to an 8MS report rate, though, it is possible to stretch the battery life to nine months. It should be available worldwide later in May in black and white type of variants. It may not have the RGB lighting or a lot of controls, though it is seriously betting this would be part of the appeal.

This is a no frills type of design for those who only care about the raw performance of the mouse and would be willing to sacrifice the flash if it allows for more money remaining at the end of it.

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The big difference between Logitech offerings’ G603 and the G305 is the battery life, weight and pricing. Both of them use an AA battery though the G305 is only rated for a period of 250 hours though the G603 can go for 500 hours. The G305 retails at $70 but the G305 is priced at $60. The G603 also weighs slightly more than the G305 which is 99g while the former is 112.3g. Logitech claims the G305 should be available at global retailers by the end of May 2018.