Game Pass will be the Future of Microsoft Gaming

Microsoft has revealed that over 20 Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles which are currently included in the Xbox Game pass are going to be removed from the library as of the 31st of this month. Xbox Game currently boasts over 100 games within its catalog which one can fully download for $9.99 a month. The company has been adding at least 5 to 10 games to the monthly subscription service since being launched in 2017.

Source: IBTimes UK

Since then, there have only been a few games which have been removed and these would include 2K16 and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. This time there will be a significant purge as concerns the removal of games from the platform, so this would be the opportune time to try some of them for free with one’s membership if you are not already.

Game Pass

Xbox Game pass is a lot like Netflix in that it is a service where one pays a flat rate every month for access to a number of different games. One can play these games for free as long as they are a member. However, it also means that great titles are going to be brought in and old ones taken out in order to keep things flowing in the same way that is happening at the present. For example, there are games which are barely two years old while others are significantly older which are both being taken out.

Source: Hypebeast

Dig dug, an arcade game, is significantly old, while Blood Bowl 2 was released in 2015. In terms of the games that are being removed, all of them happen to be third party titles whose licenses Microsoft does not own, but will hopefully be rotated in again at one point or another. Until this point, one is going to have State of Decay 2 to look forward to and other first party Microsoft titles released as soon as the launch. The Sea of Thieves is also available on the service apparently.

The Decline of Xbox

The fact is that Xbox One is failing. It is not that Microsoft is not able to change Xbox’s situation of course considering it is worth about 700 billion dollars. If Microsoft really wanted it, they would turn Xbox into the console of the generation by expanding the Game Pass platform and making it the ‘Netflix of gaming’.

According to Bruce Grove, a former general manager of a failed streaming service known as OnLive, everyone who tried to chase the rainbow and create a Netflix of gaming has found the revenue does not scale with operating costs. Games are not the same as movies. Simply put the amount of money it would take to run the adequate amount of servers to support a full library of games for streaming would be losing money unless of course processing power suddenly became very cheap.

Source: The Verge

Overall, Game Pass does offer an elegant solution to video game streaming. It made it a games-on demand type of service where anyone with 9.99 dollars a month would be able to access a full library of games. This bypasses the problems of streaming and connection which has plagued companies like PlayStation in the past. Game pass currently requires the players to download the games to the console or storage devices thus offering a better uninterrupted experience.