Aston Martin Builds Submersible Hyper EV Dubbed Project Neptune

Aston Martin is currently establishing a project by the name of Neptune which is a commercial submarine initiative meant to provide luxurious design. It is partnering on this along with Triton submarines within the design phase of the project. The purpose is for exclusive underwater travel.

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Aston Martin claims the submarine has the right combination of elegance and performance. Triton adds a safety claim, revealing the craft is reliable and offers passengers a near 360 degree view. The final specifications for the craft were recently announced as well.

Project Neptune Features

The submersible will be able to dive 500 feet utilizing electrical power and stay under the surface for 12 hours courtesy of a 30 kwH battery. The auto maker also managed to increase the speed of the Neptune from 4 miles per hour to just over 5.7 miles per hour through addition of power and reshaping the aerodynamics while improving on hydrodynamic efficiency.

It will allegedly have an estimated acceleration up to four times faster than Triton’s flagship submersible, the 3300/3. Though the manufacturer is claiming the Neptune is going to feature the luxury present in the typical Aston Martin, including air conditioning, there is no mention of the way this is going to affect the performance of the battery or equally significant, the air supply.

The carrying capacity is two passengers along with the pilot. The in house team for project Neptune has initiated a range of combinations of color and trim along with the craft’s sporting and maritime attributes as well as, further personalization and customization options which are going to be soon available.

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According to Matthew Clarke, the general manager of marketing and communications, the project is one of several carefully curated initiatives for luxury the brand is currently working on away from the auto industry. He also added the company only gets involved in such projects when they can be involved within the design process from the idea stage and the Neptune allowed Aston Martin to do it.

Aston Martin Perfects on Past Experience

Interestingly, this is not the first time Aston Martin has ventured into water vehicles, in 2016, it partnered in the production of the AM37, which is a 37 foot classically designed powerboat. These projects along with the residence initiatives in Miami are some examples of the aspirations of the brand to become the ultimate luxury brand. Aston Martin borrowed from some of its other project experience in this case with project Neptune. Marek Reichman, the EVP and chief creative officer at the firm claimed the company has afforded as much attention to the hydrodynamics of the underside considering they have the visible surfaces.

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There were challenges as such including the fact everything had to be installed through the top hatch and assembled inside the small craft. It was definitely not easy getting that carbon fiber and alcantara in there. Thankfully, customization options will still be available through the brand’s bespoke service. It is still not clear when it will be available but the estimate is the end of the year and the price tag is at 3.3 million dollars. A public reveal will also be done during the course of the year.