New Gadget Will Diagnose Your Car Problem

Let’s face it, no one wants to have to pay more than they should have to when it comes to issues with one’s vehicle; however, there are times when it may seem that repairs appear to be costlier than what you expected or being informed there are more issues that need to be fixed than you realized.  Well, students in college have created a gadget that every owner of a vehicle should possess; this device will not only determine what problem(s) your vehicle may have but provides an estimated cost for the repairs that you need!

Writer Sarah Rudlang recently posted an article regarding a diagnostic gadget that every car owner should consider owning.  When the ominous check engine lights up on the car dashboard, it usually is a sign to bring in the car for a check-up; something Adrian Grieff has plenty of experience seeing.

Source: FIXD

Introducing the FIXD diagnostic gadget for your car

Grieff speaks his native language of mechanic effectively and has been keeping vehicles running for fifteen years; this is when he officially started up Adrian’s Autocare Center that is in Fargo.  Unfortunately, not everyone is fluent in speaking mechanic, which is why students attending Georgia Institute of Technology have created the start-up gadget FIXD that has become successful.  The device is capable of not only explaining what the issue with the car is but also provides an estimated cost for the repairs.

According to FIXD CEO/co-founder John Gattuso, “There’s some issues that that may seem confusing or sound confusing, but they’re actually really simple fixes.” Instead of explaining what is wrong in mechanic language, the gadget promises to make it easier to understand what the problem(s) may be while the process is basically simple.  Insert FIXD into the vehicle’s gasoline diagnostic port (this is for vehicles from 1996 to newer), then form a Bluetooth connection between the free app on a smartphone and the car, then wait.  The result was the same using the FIXD device that costs sixty-dollars and Adrian’s sensor which costs five-thousand-dollars.

Source: Car Experts

Adrian commented by saying “it’s nice to have an idea of what codes you see and then bring it to the mechanic, and if he tells you there’s a whole list of other stuff wrong that’s with it, you can kind of step back and be like, well, maybe this guy isn’t very honest.”  Another vehicle was brought in with a check engine light flashing and decided to see if the results would match again.  The code that the FIXD registered was checked by Trent Chase, a mechanic who works at Adrian’s Auto Center, and came up with the same reading; catalyst system efficiency below the threshold bank 2.

Trent commented on the device by saying it’s definitely something that’s nice for people, especially people who are leery about shops like this and think that we’re always out for a money grab, you know? 

Still room for improvements

While this gadget is helpful in giving certain data, there is room to improve on providing other useful information.  When asking FIXD CEO if he received any negative reviews or is their any issues with the gadget, John said that some people would request additional features, like hey, can you detect our ABS light or our airbag light? Those are things that we’re working on enabling.  


Meanwhile, Adrian also feels there is more diagnostic data needed besides what the gadget provides.  He said that it definitely gives you a starting place as to where to start looking on your vehicle.  There’s more diagnostic that needs to be done besides just reading the code and replacing the part.

Amazingly, what began as three individuals in a basement has now evolved to where it is close to a million units being purchased; all this while helping people to save thousands of dollars that would have otherwise have been spent at a dealership.   One important thing to note is that the device will automatically update on its own without the need of the hardware being replaced.  Anyone who is interested in purchasing or learning more about the FIXD can go to