Subaru Reveals Crosstrek Plug-in Hybrid

Subaru revealed this past Friday that its long awaited Crosstrek hybrid plug in model would be on sale by the next year, 2019. This is the first ever plug in hybrid from the brand and its choice of model to debut is no mistake. The Crosstrek is Subaru’s third best-selling model and was the first conventional hybrid introduced for the 2014 model year.

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The company though is yet to reveal images of the new hybrid, which is why the only photos available are those of the old model.

Crosstrek Plug-in Hybrid Borrows from Toyota Technology

The Crosstrek PHEV is allegedly going to be a bit similar to the BRZ as it will take a bit from Toyota in the sense of its hybrid system. Fortunately, not everything from Subaru will be stripped away.  The hybrid will still retain the flat four engine. Like many PHEV’s though, it will have the ability to alternate between full EV and conventional hybrid mode. The details about the range of the Crosstrek are yet to be revealed as yet. The same goes for its battery size and power.  There is a tentative model name; the Evoltis but even this has not yet been confirmed through official channels.

The move toward cleaner energy has drawn Subaru into a stronger partnership with Toyota considering the latter would be the most convenient partner for the mass production of EV models. Several of its recent models have also taken from Toyota’s exterior styling to comply with market demands , so this is the next compromise that will see the Subaru spirit drown in seemingly bland design as concerns exterior and now the power-train. However, it is not the only brand suffering from the effects of emission regulations and the effects they have had on customer decision making.

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Mitsubishi recently released a PHEV crossover and so did Kia. The Kia Nero PHEV has a claimed range of 26 miles and 46 miles to the gallon when running on gas. The Outlander PHEV on the other hand provides 22 miles and 25 miles to the gallon with the gas engine. The Crosstrek will definitely be looking to beat this numbers with the new EV hybrid.

The Death of an Era

The new breed of car customer seems to be comfort oriented as well as, environmentally informed. Subaru was made for sport with Spartan orientation interior wise. Most of the attention was given to the engine and safety modifications thus. Some of the recent models have successfully improved the interior settings and improved on technology but the times, they are a changing. No one can stop the death of the petrol engine which is what Subaru as an auto maker based its theme for the past three decades.

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This will be the first time Subaru has sold a plug in hybrid in the United States as well. The company also did not specify as to whether it would sell its pug in hybrid in California which would be the ultimate target market or nationwide. The Crosstrek plug in hybrid is probably a representation of the first compromise of the petrol-head’s brand; painful yet inevitable.