Nucharger Snap 200: The 2-In-1 Qi Wireless Charger and Car Mount-Review


Contrary to the belief that you can’t kill two birds with a single stone, the Nucharger Snap 200 actually does. The Nucharger snap 200 is a 2-in-1 Qi wireless charger as well as an adjustable car mount.

I have an affinity for people and by extension products that stick true to vocation. The Nucharger Snap 200 delivers on its promises. Pretty straightforward mounting instructions that when followed will get the device plinth on your vehicle dashboard.

Plug in the car charger and the USB cable. Drop your Qienabled device onto the nanometer suction base. This technology does away with the shortcomings associated with magnetic mounts as well as the unsightly glue-esque residue that might be left behind on your phone case.

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What’s In The Box?

The Nucharger Snap 200 comes elegantly wrapped in a box (easily converted into a gift package.) Inside the box, you will be met with a 2ft USB, car charger cigarette adapter, instruction manual, wipes and spare nano-suction pad and 3M tape.

What I love about the Nucharger Snap 200

The ability of the charging pad to get hold of your phone firmly in place allowing for 360 degrees manipulation of your phone while charging is the cherry on the cake for the Nucharger Snap 200.

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Nanometer Suction Technology is the technical expertise behind the firm anchorage. I am not into material science. However, from the little knowledge I have gathered, the technology deploys fluid pressure that when pressed by an object creates a vacuum that generates strong suction forces with the ability to hold a tremendous amount of weight.

The nanometer suction technology gets rids of magnets on affixing pad that would otherwise limit the practicability of wireless charging. If you wish to clean it, then it’s advisable to use an alcohol pad. This leaves it spotless without any damage.

Insider Information

The additional nano-suction pad provided implicitly suggest that in future you would have to replace the suction pad surface. It’s unfortunate the manufacturer doesn’t explicitly give the lifespan of the suction cap.

Could the above be defined as a lie by omission? Only time will tale after considerable putting the Nucharger Snap 200 in use.

In addition, the charger doesn’t support fast Qi charging.

Second and Third Opinion on Nucharger Snap 200

The Nucharger Snap 200 on Amazon verified purchases has elicited a mixed reaction. In a nutshell, it’s a 3.3-star rated device out of a possible 5. Not a bad score in my opinion.

Compatibility with Multiple Handsets

This device works smoothly with all QI enabled gadgets. It worked perfectly well with my Samsung Galaxy S6. The manufacturer affirms that the device would support the following; Samsung-galaxy-s-6-edge, iPhone-6, iPhone-6s, Samsung-galaxy-note-5, Nexus-4.

Parting Short

That quite a long list up there. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. For those who own the aforementioned devices save me the trouble of buying those devices by ordering the Nucharger Snap 200 and share your experience

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To possess the Nucharger Snap 200 Qi wireless charger and car mount you’ll have to part with $19.99 from Amazon. When all is said and done, I believe that the Nucharger is decent Qi wireless charger that delivers on its promises. That is, firmly anchor your phone and at the same time charge it.