Tips and Tricks to Win in PUBG Mobile Game

Gamers most favorite Battle Royale game PUBG has finally arrived for mobile devices and we just can’t keep calm about it. While the Fortnite is yet to be available for Android users, PUBG is available for both iOS and Android. And now, the hunt is on for everyone to grab that chicken dinner.

If you are a crazy mobile gamer, you might have already had this game installed. Basically, there are 100 players in one game teaming up as duo or squad of four or just solo. The case is that you have to be the last one or last teaming standing by killing all the others in the game map’s safe zone.

So, you might be wondering what is the best equipment to pick and how to be the last one standing to win. Here, we are gonna share all the tips related to the game for you.

Tips and Tricks to Win in PUBG Mobile Game

  • First off, assuming you already have the game downloaded, log in through Facebook so that you get to play along with your friends. The other three things being,
  • Remove all the other tasks, battery saving mode, data saving mode and all such to make sure your phone is in its best condition for the game.
  • Connect to a speedy internet connection. Mobile data connection speed varies, so better to connect to a fast Wi-Fi.
  • Plug in your headset for an immersive experience and to stay alert with all the little noises in the game. Also, you have North America, South America, Europe and Asia servers to choose from. So, choose the one with less ping, i.e, in green color.
  • And last but not least for the butter smooth experience, adjust the graphics according to your device’s performance.

Pick a Good Place to Jump

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A good place means which has buildings and equipment for you to pick. A lot of the players jump in some popular places, so master the map and jump in a safe and sound place. If at all someone drops in the same place as you are, make sure to pick weapons up quickly and take them down.

Collecting Weapons Matters

You will be head to head with other players, so your first priority must be of looting as much and as best as you can. First goes the weapons, next is body armor and then healing items. The best combination of weapons for me would be an assault rifle and an SMG. Shotguns and pistols will only be good enough for short ranges. SMGs for enclosed spaces and assault rifles are great all-rounders.

Always pick up the add-ons such as scopes and compressors even if you find them before your weapons. They’ll automatically get equipped, if not useful, you can always drop them off.

Use the Auto Functions

Shooting games were never so good on touchscreen devices. So always check the auto settings by making it easier. Auto sprint lets you lock the sprint if you drag the stick furthermore up on the screen. Auto loot helps you in picking up the equipment which is compatible with our weapons as such.

Stay Alert and Be Ready to Engage

As you are playing this on a mobile, the best way to win is always attack unless you don’t know where the attack is coming from. The defense really doesn’t work the best here, trust me. The controls are less precise and have a difficult accuracy; so you are more likely to get shoot your enemy before he lands some hits on you.

Source: Sanvada

You’ll be hearing a lot of gunfire. So, instead of panicking and running for defense, try to locate the enemy turn things upside down. An attack is the best form of defense in mobile PUBG.

Aiming is Important

Just don’t go crazy and fire wildly without taking aim. In mobile versions, it’s quite hard to take aim, so, give your best and make yours count to take down the enemy. Aiming is done on the right side of the screen by dragging, and to shoot use the left side button which I feel is more comfortable. You can enable this in the settings.

Hearing is Everything

As we have already mentioned putting on your headset, you need to stay alert and hear every little noise. However, the direction of the sound will be shown on your map with an orange highlight for which you need to stay alert.

Search for Vehicles

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No matter how good a place you jump, sometimes you always end up out of the safe zone and have to run miles to get there. So, always mark a vehicle and get ready to ride up if it comes down to that.

Get Friends to Play PUBG Mobile

Source: Sanvada

No matter how good enjoy playing yourself, it’s always different playing with your squad. So join up with your friends and get the work done together because teamwork is always the best work.

These are the tips we found worthy to share. If you got any more to the list, do not hesitate to mention them down in the comments section. What are you waiting for!? Go grab that chicken dinner!

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