5 Companies Fueling AI Development

It’s now clear that no amount of criticism can stop AI from becoming the future doctor, judge, or a major component in the future car, airplane or submarine. That is, the market for this technology is increasing in lips and bounds. Not to mention that over 70% of major companies, Facebook and Google included now depend on machine intelligence to make a profit. In short, AI is the future of business.

The tech is hotcake and it’s a smart move that startups venture in – because the field is still green with inexhaustible opportunities. However, anyone planning to try out their luck with artificial intelligence must know there are big fish companies already in the waters – and it’s good to know where they are focusing on, to know what works.

Top Companies Pushing AI Progress

Source: agilient


Well, it would not have been fair not to mention the big G or Google as top in the list of companies that drive AI. Besides having invested heavily on the tech, Google is already reaping the benefits of machine intelligence through its SE service, which dominates 74% of the internet search.

Google’s major focus has been developing brain simulated neural networks, that can as well be served online as a service. In its endeavors, the firm has invented solutions like the Google Assistant, HDR+photography and more. The big G has also shared its technology with the public in the quest to promote independent developers – by allowing access to its AI platforms such as the TensorFlow, and AutoML.


Just to make things clear, DeepMind is Google’s innovation but the company operates and stands completely on its own. And its main occupation is conducting research work, not profit making. In achievement, DeepMind is the firm behind Alpha Go a model that the world’s Go player can’t beat, besides deep research in the voice recognition technology.


When IBM is mentioned, most of us connect it with the awaited 50 (plus) Cubit Quantum Computer that might come to redefine the current PC. That’s not all, IBM is driving other techs, and Watson, made of algorithms that are helpful in the medical arena, and natural language processing is one of them. Ok, there is no denying that Watson is not so accessible as of now, but things might change, to ensure it engages the public.


Besides being a social site, Facebook has its own engineers and they’ve been trying to set their voice in the AI world. The social giant has partnered with Microsoft in a machine intelligence project christened ONNX (Open Neural Network Exchange). On its own, Facebook runs a deep learning model called Caffe2, which it uses to identify and auto remove unwanted content from the platform. On the same note, looking at Facebook’s bots, which are helping businesses target their ads to potential clients, it’s clear that the company is deep into AI.


Off cause, this list cannot be complete without mentioning Microsoft. Well, just to be precise Microsoft is still the major software developer the world has ever known. But in recent years, the company is veering towards the artificial brain at an amazing speed. As stated above it has worked with FB (Facebook) on the ONNX project. And among others, it’s worth stating that, Xiaoice, one of Microsoft’s chatbot has seen great success in China.

Source: windowscentral

Other Startups that Have Found a Voice in AI

In summary, there are countless other startups exploiting the AI-world, and they are doing it from an amazing angle. We have NVidia which is using machine learning to create eyes for driverless cars. Affectiva is also targeting the autonomous engine — seeking ways to make cars detect the emotions of its passengers, and many other AI-focused startups not yet noticed.