Mercedes Unveils New Maybach Ultimate Luxury Crossover

Mercedes has released a new Maybach edition for the SW class as a half sedan, half cross-over. It happens to be exclusively high end and would combine the strengths of both body structures, though Mercedes claims this is a first of its kind type of thing.

According to chief design officer at Daimler, Gordon Wagener, the vision Mercedes Maybach Ultimate Luxury is allegedly a new archetype of a kind that has never before been seen.

Source: Electrek

He was also quick to mention the sedan-crossover combination that produced a three box design SUV.  The claims of it being a first of its kind may be embellished but he was not wrong about the luxury design.


From the outside, it features a wide cascading grille that is common with a number of the brands, SUVs but this time without the MB emblem at the center. The flowing hood resembles the larger crossovers in the brands SUV segment though there are more well-defined lines.

The front fenders happen to be less pronounced as compared to the usual crossover and are more like that of a sedan. The body-work also resembles sedan like architecture with a close cut belt line and fast curvature to the roof. The power-train will consist of a 750-hp all electric motor with a 80 kwh battery pack located under the floor.

Source: Electrek

Mercedes estimates the range to be at 200 miles per charge and it should top out at 155 mph. the charging capacity is up to 350-kw utilizing the combined charging system standard with a 60 mile range being available in just five minutes.

Now the interior of the Maybach Ultimate Luxury comes available with flowing lines, a continuous edge from the dash to the door and a compelling open center console. There are large screens which take the dash along the front edge and the top.

Maybach Ultimate Luxury Targets the One Percent

Targeting the billionaires attending Beijing’s auto show, the concept model comes available with optional white nappa leather and lie flat seats with massage and aroma options. The Maybach SUV could be the brands answer to Volkswagen’s, Bentley Bentayga as part of the high seated model trend that has even Ferrari and Roll Royce consider adding crossover models to their lineup.

Fortunately, Mercedes does not have to battle with brand identification issues, having an already well recognized SUV segment unlike Ferrari. The crossover could add to the brands growing line of lucrative top end models like this year’s AMG GT four door coupe. It also needs momentum so as to gradually shift into battery technology which is quite costly.

Placing a Maybach crossover into Chinese showrooms would tap into a ready audience for the nameplate. Buyers have already snapped up to 60 percent of the 25000 sedans Mercedes has sold since rolling out the model in 2015.

Source: The Torque Report

During the past few years, the brand has unveiled attention grabbing limited edition Maybach options, helping drive home the luxury standing of the brand.  Even though Maybach only represents a fraction of the total deliveries from the brand, boosting the sales of the high earning models is necessary towards counterbalancing the ballooning spending which is weighing on earnings.