Saying Goodbye: UberRUSH is Shutting Down in June

It’s not every easy to say goodbye to good things. In the case of UberRUSH, though, I’m not sure that statement really stands. The rideshare company, who has had a history of dabbling in other ventures, has announced that its failed UberRUSH sector will shut down in June. The service has catered to New York City, San Francisco, and Chicago since 2015.

Uber made the announcement via email to its users, stating the UberRUSH experience is being used as a tool to perfect other parts of the company, like UberEats.

Source: UberRUSH

“We’re winding down UberRUSH deliveries and ending services by the end of June,” an Uber spokesperson told TechCrunch. “We’re thankful for our partners and hope the next three months will allow them to make arrangements for their delivery needs. We’re already applying a lot of the lessons we learned together to our UberEats food delivery business in over 200 global markets across more than 100,000 restaurants.”

UberEats has been a bit more successful from the start than UberRUSH ever was. The delivery service, which launched in 2016, stirred up enough interest to expand itself into over 200 markets. In 2017, it officially took over UberRUSH and became the company’s main food delivery service. Since then, UberRUSH has only delivered goods that didn’t come from restaurants. It allowed up to 30-pound deliveries, except animals, alcohol, illegal items, stolen goods and dangerous items like guns and explosives (darn!).

With other service like Google Express coming into the market, there just isn’t enough momentum behind UberRUSH to keep it going. Instead, the company has pledged to take the mistakes it made during the service’s run to make sure it doesn’t find itself in this position in the future.