A New Wave in PC Gaming Comes as Xiaomi Announces MI Notebook PRO

It is not surprising to see major companies exploring into ambitious and maybe unforeseen investments. It’s on this note that ‘eight-year old’ Xiaomi company is becoming a sensation following the unveiling of the new MI Notebook Pro.

The announcement was made on March 27th where Xiaomi hinted that the sophisticated laptop will be for gaming purposes. This comes just few days after the 5th largest smart phone manufacturer launched MI MIX 2S in an event held in Shanghai, China. Conventionally, the company specialises in handsets, with its prowess showcasing with its exorbitant Xiaomi Redmi 3s Prime, thus an entry into PC gaming definitely ignites tech talk.

From the announcement it is expected that MI Notebook Pro meets the 72% NTSC rating which is similar to MI Notebook Air.

Unique Design

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Firstly, MI Notebook has a 20.93mm thickness design and a total mass of 1.95 kilograms (relatively bulky compared to other gaming laptops). This aside, the manufacturers opted for the logo-design where the Company’s logo is embedded at the bottom of the screen. Additionally, an RGB lighting sensor is also located on the exterior.

Looking at the laptop’s edges, you’ll notice that it’s smooth and seamless which gives it an appealing outlook. Another unique feature is the piston-like hinge that makes it easy to open and close the screen. The display screen measures 15.9 inches wide-colour gamut ultra- thin bezels (no red accents) plus 178 degree wide view. This is surrounded by a grey slab that holds it in position.

Despite there not been significant variation with MI Notebook Air keyboard, the Pro version uses 16 million colour lights. These are fitted below the keys which gives it a brilliant colour outlook. Moreover, the keyboard also has; Windows Precision trackpad, 5 macro keys and RGB keys.

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Performance Levels

The Chinese based manufacturer takes credit for adopting high- performance hardware and firmware in it’s’ products. This is no exception with the MI Notebook which use the 7th generation Intel Core i5-7300HQ (quad-core four thread 2.5-3.5GHz chipset) that will run on a 8GB DDR4 RAM whereas the more powerful, i7-7000HQ,expected to have an eight thread 16GB DDR4 RAM (2.8-3.8GHz processing speed). Also provided is 256GB NVMe SSD and ITB expandable HDD.

When it comes to the firmware, the Notebook Pro features Windows 10 operating system with pre- installed applications such as MI gaming box, Office 2016 Home, MI synchronization and GeForce Experience. All these provide a professional and thrilling game time.

As for connectivity purposes, the beast has 10 external ports (one type C Port, 4 Universal ports, HDMI slot and a gigabit Ethernet port).

All this features cannot be enjoyable for the gamers if there isn’t a proper audio output. Xiaomi has used the Dolby Atmos speakers fitted on the laptop to entertain and indulge the gamers.

MI Notebook Pro Selling Point

As previously mentioned, the cut-throat competition depicts that manufacturers must have a marveling aspect in their product. In regards to this, Xiaomi points out that its latest gadget has the most hybrid cooling system since its 50% larger than other laptops. The components entail; enormous heat pipes,fan outlet and a 12v cooling fan.

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The designers have gone the extra mile of adding a hotkey tagged “turbo cooling” which will be used to activate the high-power cooler. Now this is super cool!!

Is the MI Notebook Pro Worth the Price Value?

According to some gaming experts, the new Xiaomi laptop is not worth the risk. Where does the scepticism lie on? Well, when you look at other competitors such as Dell 7577 and Acer Nitro 5 (the GTX 1050 plus caliber) the price point not that enticing. This is because its price tag will be $1400 which is higher than Dell’s 7577 at $1000 and Acer Nitro 5 which goes for $700.

Furthermore, the limitation of Xiaomi’s market to Asia mostly (with minimal market in Europe and North America) locks potential buyers out. However, it is unknown as to when the company will be well represented in other continents.

In conclusion, gamers have no reason to cry foul gaming PCs especially with this new beauty set to be released on 13th April in China.