7 Lesser Known Ways to Secure Your Android Device

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Want to secure your Android device? Looking for ways or simple tricks by which it can be possible. Well, there are numerous ways which will help you to secure your android easily.

Here in this article we have picked out some of the best unknown ways which will let you keep your Android safe and secure from the reach of others. But all you need to do is to choose the right one.

Download Only Official Apps

Always try to download apps from the Google Play Store. Avoid the third party sources who often provides the paid apps for free. Due to this most of the users get biased towards the unofficial apps as they come for free but we do not notice the fact that most of them comes with malware infections.

Use of Antivirus

Most of us do not feel the need of an antivirus as we know that Google Play helps securing your android to a much greater extent. Although when unprotected third party apps are installed, it is a must to have a scan and see if the apps are malware protected or not. For this an antivirus software is a must.

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Uninstall Unused Apps

It is better to get rid of the apps which are not that important and end up being unused. They gradually eat up your storage space as well. It will help to prevent attackers from peeking in your system.

Buy Phones from Vendors Only

Always buy phones from vendors only. This will help you keeping your phone secure enough as you will be greeted with regular security updates quite often. But some other vendors do not feel the necessity to provide any security patches to their phones. Hence avoid those vendors strictly.

Turn Off Data Connections

Always keep your data connections off while you don’t need them. There are a lot of hackers waiting for just a simple way out to wreck you down. Hence its better to be on a safer side. Hence it is suggested to turn off your data connections while you are not using them.

Password Protection

One of the easiest method to protect your phone is to provide a password protected security gateway. Do remember to put different passwords for different sections so that it will not be easy to guess and peek through your device.

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Device Encryption

Another way to secure your android device is encrypt it. This will help your stored datas to be safe and secure in the cloud storage. To encrypt your device, go to settings and encrypt it from the security options.

Settings > Security > Encrypt device

These are the 7 best unknown ways which will help you to secure your android device from reaching the hands of attackers. Do follow the whole guide and follow the steps provided in order to protect your device. We hope you will able to do it with ease. See you soon.