YouTube Rolls Out Chat Replays and Automatic Captions

YouTube has announced the addition of new features to improve the experience for those viewers watching live streams. The company has prioritized the addition of automatic

Since most videos on YouTube are in English the new feature will ensure more access the streams. Other features include chat replays and geotag locations.

Why is This a Good Business Move for YouTube

It will be a significant step to make online videos more accessible by those who are deaf or have some kind of hearing impairment. The concept of captioning for live streams has been costly and technologically sophisticated to integrate which resulting in tiny amounts of broadcasts going live with captions.

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The Use of Live Automatic Speech Recognition Technology (LASR)

LASR introduced captions which have been around since 2009. They used the company’s live automatic speech recognition technology which is currently “approaching” industry standards for both error rates and latency.

The fact that it is powered by machine learning makes these auto-captions almost perfect.

Captioning on live videos was previously only possible when the creators offered the captions themselves, a process that was very expensive. YouTube Insists that the use of this tech will make captioning inexpensive hence available for more video curators.

YouTube Preserves Replays and Chats

Apart from captions, Google is also rolling out chat replays for live videos. According to Kurt Wilms, YouTube’s Product Lead, the viewer is in a position to follow a conversation even after the end of a live stream. The chat replays will appear alongside the video just as it appeared live.

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YouTube Enthusiasts Can Now Geotag Locations

YouTube Live is currently allows viewers to partner with creators through a list of new live updates. The updates are accompanied by options such as geo-tagging live videos and by the use of Super Chats to activate internet-connected devices such as pet feeders.

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YouTube announced this feature alongside automatic captioning and chatted replay on Monday, February 26.

The addition of an optional geo-tag before live streaming on a smartphone enables YouTubers to share their location. Geo-tagged videos create another option of exploring the video platform considering that clicking on the specific area will direct you to a page with videos shared within the same location.

The tool also enables YouTubers to access a new search filter allowing viewers search for a specific video by location.

Super Chats

Using both super conversations and “IFTTT”, developers can code the Super Chats to trigger an action or activity. For instance changing the color of a smart light bulb.

YouTube has confirmed that over 600 devices are connected to the internet and can be used alongside the new Super Chat feature which includes pet feeders and confetti cannons.

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Apart from the ability to trigger a real reaction if the developer sets up the feature, the Super Chat option will be available on iOS devices starting from today, after it was available on Android and Desktop.

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The dream of experiencing YouTube in a more diversified and friendly way is now becoming real. With the new YouTube, it is now easy to replay chats after the end of a live stream. Messages now appear at the same time just like during a live stream.

All the above features are currently rolling out while the auto-captions will be available in the next coming weeks.